Ultimate Exhaust Sound Ninja 300: Arrow, Akrapovic, Yoshimura, LeoVince, Delkevic, HotBodies

Ultimate Exhaust Sound Ninja 300: Arrow, Akrapovic, Yoshimura, LeoVince, Delkevic, HotBodies
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Kawasaki Ninja 300 Exhaust Sound Compilation / Comparison ft. Akrapovic, Arrow, Yoshimura, Delkevic, Firetorch, LeoVince, Hot Bodies and MGP Growler Exhaust, hope you guys enjoy and Thanks for Watching!!! – JDM World

Outro Song – Linkin Park – A Place For My Head

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33 thoughts on “Ultimate Exhaust Sound Ninja 300: Arrow, Akrapovic, Yoshimura, LeoVince, Delkevic, HotBodies

  1. Which exhaust do you think would provide the biggest hp gain(provided that I couple it with either a Power Commander or a flashed ecu)?

  2. I got a Leo Vince on my 300 and it’s a beautiful deep sound I love it!! just keep that baffle off!

  3. Am i the only one who’s really confused how the ninja sounds like? It sounds like an inline 4 when revved higher but kinda like a single as well with a bit of a whistle

  4. I want an exhaust that sounds like the ones in the movie/racing type of exhaust. like a high pitch type of exhaust.

  5. I’m new into bikes, and from what I’m seeing, people prefer their bikes to have a louder exhaust ?
    Is there modifications that makes the exhaust silent ?

  6. anyone can please help me I am newbie, what does exhaust silencer mean?? the word “Silencer” is confusing me, like I saw it on eBay, it was written “AKRAPOVIC EXHAUST SILENCER With DB killer tip” …….. will it totally silence the sound? or will I get the sound like in this video? is there any difference in Exhaust and Silencer? sorry for this dumb question but I am new to biking world.

  7. don’t miss Musarri exhaust, it’s very deep quality loud, with noise below 86db which is the limit for bikes in some countries like mine, also the leo vince gp corsa exhaust is terrific

  8. finally got the ninja 300 krt 2017!! Soo excited! Check my latest vids and Please let me know What you think about the new “vlog” style. Means a lot!

  9. Hello i’m a new rider and im getting a 2016 ninja 300 and just wanna get some thoughts on whats the best exhaust and Fender Eliminator to get for it. Thanks

  10. Hey!! Anyone? Help please. If i make holes in the exhaust of the Ninja 300, will it sound better? is it a good idea? How do i make the bike sound better without spending so much?

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