Tribute Old Kawasaki Police Motorcycle

Tribute Old Kawasaki Police Motorcycle
I like CHiPs bike!! It was a dream.

16 thoughts on “Tribute Old Kawasaki Police Motorcycle

  1. Japanese people seem to be obsessed with american police vehicles, why? Does it make you feel power when you ride one? Important? I agree though, it’s the best bike in the world, and chips was one of the best shows.

  2. The bike at 2:50, those are the ones I druel over. They are season 1 bikes on the show. I think I read they are KZ 900s?

  3. hi guys, I live here in Yokohama. I would love to see your bikes in person. Any chance I could meet you in person?

  4. I’ve always been a kawi guy….. although I’ve owned CBR600F2, CBR600F3, CBR600RR, multiple ninjas and currently my KLR and VERSYS bikes. but I’d dump them all for this bike. my God, this bike makes me tingle like no other bike has ever done or ever will. it’s gorgeous….. I want one more than anything I’ve ever seen….

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