The Fabulous Lifestyles of Professional Motorcycle Racers – /RideApart

The Fabulous Lifestyles of Professional Motorcycle Racers – /RideApart
What kind of motorcycles do racers ride on the road? Jamie meets up with Eric Bostrom in Malibu for a ride on their personal bikes — a custom Honda CBR600RR and Kawasaki Z1000 — before taking off to a nearby private collection to discuss their shared passion — vintage motocross.

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13 thoughts on “The Fabulous Lifestyles of Professional Motorcycle Racers – /RideApart

  1. I love seeing peoples eyes light up over motorcycles the way theirs did. Absolutely inspiring.

  2. “I did do the 12 o’clock wheelie its just that I wasn’t on the bike when it did it…..” lol

  3. it’s about the love of bikes man…. bikes are like fingerprints, all different. .

  4. I tried to do a 12 o clock wheelie but failed. It was only 11:57 when I did it…..I’ll get me coat…..

  5. I’m sure everyone has forgotten about Eric Bostrom but I gotta tell you I haven’t I don’t know why he doesn’t race today he’s not that old and he’s definitely got skills he almost took down Nicky Hayden a few times not like in race to race but in whole championships and Nicki was on bigger Machinery that was actually a lot faster E bos if you look at this stuff I hope you invite me to your house one day and we can hang out I’m definitely ready to get humiliated Cheers bro

  6. that Kawasaki is gorgeous, but the CBR holy shit what a piece of crap!!!

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