The difference between Dirt bike and Street bike -acceleration,speed,drag race

The difference between Dirt bike and Street bike -acceleration,speed,drag race
Kawasaki street bike vs Suzuki dirtbike,the difference between acceleration an speed.

27 thoughts on “The difference between Dirt bike and Street bike -acceleration,speed,drag race

  1. I mean ya but why a turbo busa vs a drz400e bruh. my 450 can whoop an r6 to 70 but gimme a that thing and damn

  2. yeah because the drz 400 is considered one of the fastest dirt bikes ever made…

  3. expert rider on 1300 turbo purpose setup for drag racing
    amateur rider on 400 totally stock trail bike made for durability not power

    great comparison.

  4. Maybe the dirt bike Stumbled upon the drag strip while off-roading? Oh since I’m here…..

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  6. when i saw this as a recommended video, a thought just popped in my head. so i clicked to see and comfirm that i was right. and i was right. you’re an idiot. lol

  7. my old cr 250 would have been a balance between spinning or wheelieing till it topped out. don’t judge dirt bikes by this video.

  8. How the fuck 400 cc will beat 1300cc superbike?? … Think, man… or superbike under 500cc afraid to show off??

  9. That bike was turbo af. you can hear that shit whistle like crazy lol. love that sound.

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