T. Wright 8 second zx14 Kawasaki motorcycle drag racing Kilkare 2012

T. Wright 8 second zx14 Kawasaki motorcycle drag racing Kilkare 2012
T. Wright: 8 second zx14 Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle drag racing against a Suzuki Hayabusa at Kilkare Dragway 2012. T Wright is obviously much lighter and is racing his all motor red Kawasaki zx14 number 5555, against his much larger opponent on the modified Busa. These are just a few runs from that night, if you like motorcycle drag racing videos putting Kawasaki against Suzuki make sure you check out my channel for tons more street bike drag racing action:

13 thoughts on “T. Wright 8 second zx14 Kawasaki motorcycle drag racing Kilkare 2012

  1. Love that red but they have factory 1000cc doing 8.75 with 7 in stretch. This should be in low 8s

  2. Please show links or video. I’ve heard or Brock’s S1000rr doing 8.40s with unopened motor but 7’s ain’t happening without a build or some spray/turbo. 14r has done 8.4x with just bolt-ons and stretch.

  3. so 8.8 second is not 8 seconds? If you are trying to say that an 8.8 second pass is actually a 9 second pass you are retarded because I clearly see an 8 at the beginning lol newb drag racers…

  4. title should be 8.8 second pass cuz thats what it is, last i checked theres a huge difference between 8 and 8.8 seconds, and is that a mustang in your pic? seriously? hahahahaahahahahahaahah

  5. I am not even going to argue with someone who obviously has not made many passes down the drag strip. I said an 8 second pass. If there is an 8 at the beginning kiddies, thats called the 8 second zone you newbs. If I meant “8 seconds flat” I would have said 8.00…. The title says “8 second Kawasaki” which obviously covers 8.00-8.99 I mean its either an 8 second pass or its a 9 second pass, and it clearly has an 8 at the beginning sooooo….

  6. For future reference to avoid confusing all these non drag racers who seem to watch drag racing videos crowd, I would put either the exact et in the title of use a high, mid, low scale. Low 8 = 8,00-8,3 mid 8= 8.4-8.6 high 8 = 8,7-8,99… They still would probably complain, so you could always just put “fast” zx14 in the title. Keep up with the great videos.

  7. Hell, I do not care if it’s 8.51 or 8.9 or 8.4… It’s still in the 8 range… Hell Ricky Gaston(or whatever his name) is a professional drag racer on the ZX14 and his bike doesn’t hit in the 8’s… So you’re doing excellent my friend…

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