Suzuki GsxR 1000 Chasing Kawasaki Ninja & Suzuki GsxR 750 !!!

Suzuki GsxR 1000 Chasing Kawasaki Ninja & Suzuki GsxR 750 !!!
Bikes : Suzuki GsxR 1000 2009
Kawasaki Ninja Zx10R 2011
Suzuki GsxR 750 2008
Country : Cyprus
Tyres : Continental ContiRaceattack Semislick
Camera : GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition
Exhaust : Akrapovic ful race system
Upgrades : Nemesis traction control system
Galfer brake rotors
Accossato Rearsets
Ohlins front cartridge
Ohlins rear shock

19 thoughts on “Suzuki GsxR 1000 Chasing Kawasaki Ninja & Suzuki GsxR 750 !!!

  1. Some say his helmet is actually his hair and that he wears tree sap to repel angry badgers. All we know is he’s called SuperBike Racer.

  2. What’s the problem with the kawa rider and the bmw driver? The car drives with 80kmh through the corner and the driver is keeping up to the bikes in front of him really good. So the bikes aren’t much faster at this point. He also drives on the left side of the lane after the curvy part so the bikes can pass him. Don’t understand why the kawa rider get’s mad.

  3. min. 3.40 funny guy with the ninja using the right foot to…. to be liked in the video :))))) useless move he should learn to keep his lane before using his foot like in motogp..

  4. he did it again at min 4.15 wannabe motogp pilot :)))) keep you foot on the pegs and your ass in your lane

  5. Jeez you are so lucky you don’t have to put up with kangaroos, snakes, cattle, sheep and dodgy drivers oh and suicidal koalas. Awesome video

  6. That road is a piece of heaven. Good buddy or not, I would not follow the Kawi rider going in the opposite late on a blind corner; he’s endangering himself and the rest with that crap.

  7. Many people say Suzuki gsxr is not a real sports bike. It’s a poser bike. Superbikeracer proves otherwise.

  8. Poly Kala 🙂 Cyprus is so beautiful – but your friend on the Kawasaki looks like he was having a cramp?
    You’re all lucky there isn’t some tourist on the wrong side of the road…please keep that in mind sometimes.

  9. Apparently one viewer thinks these boys know how to ride!! Mr Kawasaki needs to learn how to negotiate a bend properly, but will more then likely be dead before he does and Mr Yamaha needs to learn how a throttle works. Will be surprised(pleasantly) if any of them make 50.

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