Super Bikes VS Cars Go Pro

Super Bikes VS Cars Go Pro
Bikes Vs Cars Limassol Cyprus Suzuki Gsx-R 1000 2009 Kawasaki Ninja Zx10R 2009 Zx10R 2011 Suzuki Gsx-R 750 2008 VS Nissan Sylvia Nissan Skyline Subaru Impreza Porsche Boxter Mitsubishi Evolution

27 thoughts on “Super Bikes VS Cars Go Pro

  1. This is the kind of camera every Youtube biker should use because it gives a sense of speed no helmet or bike mounted camera could ever give.

  2. This view was amazing homie this is so prankster gangster your in the group just go to this channel pink sheep its my leader

  3. Gentle at the beginning… After sometime just Hmmmmmmmm….. Hmmmmmmmmm….. Hmmmmmmmmmmm…. ???

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