That poor chain!

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12 thoughts on “SHE RIDES MOTORCYCLES!?

  1. Only an arsehole would let his girlfriend ride on the back of a bike in a tee shirt, jeans and pumps……….wake up before it’s too late

  2. You wanna ride like an asshole by yourself that’s one thing but you put someone else’s life in danger on the back of your bike like that jacknut. Somebody needs a good ass whooping.

  3. Chain maintenance, it’s important. Break a chain and the best that can happen is you get stranded. It can also bust your engine case or it can lock you up and you can eating pavement. The dude spent more on his “Batman” leathers than he did on his bike. It looks like his back tire is worn out too. Bikes that are well sorted just work better.

  4. Your Video clip was Recommend to me! So i don’t even own a Bike let alone ride one! But Hopefully You Motorcycle People don’t mind me Checking out Your Videos i enjoy watching! And Cool Motorcycle Group Riding Video!

  5. No tool bag? LOL now that confidence in the machine. Oh well image is everything even to me.

  6. 😉 Keep giving us that guys wife face in vids and I’ll watch every episode….

  7. omg a women drives a motorcycle. (erection+quick splash ahead)
    someday chickens lay eggs! the world is crazy…

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