Riding Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R On Mountain Roads

Riding Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R On Mountain Roads
Riding Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R in some beautiful curves.
Country : Cyprus
Bike : Ninja ZX10R 2011
Tyres : Continental Semislick Contiraceattack Endurance
Susoension: K-tech
Camera : Gopro Hero 4 Black Edition with External microphone
Gyro Stabilizer mount : Feiyu Tech one axis

29 thoughts on “Riding Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R On Mountain Roads

  1. Some say he’s crossed the point of no return… several times… and that sometimes the police pull him over just to check out his bike. All we know is he’s called SuperBike Racer.

  2. Nomiza oti eise amerikanos ta fenomena apatoun oso poio gazonis me ti mixani tosa poio pola likes maresoun h mixanes kai oi ixitous eise foberos

  3. Kalitera pou den milas sta video panta blepo SBR ??maresi h mixanisou

  4. O.K. but the GoPro should have optical stabilization built already for the price of them… Action Cams..

  5. Is there any chance of seeing you in the Nurbugring ever????? ??

  6. I have a wenpod stabalizer and its always so shakey, how do you mount your gyro and where? could you do a vid showing this? superb video as always

  7. would you post a photo to show what is your camera position at your bike ? these video is amazing

  8. I really enjoy your video. Could you show how to install the Stabilizer Gyro Mount? Many thanks.

  9. What are your thoughts on this bike? I’ve ridden 600’s but im thinking of getting an 2011 zx10r.

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