Review of Kawasaki klx250s Dual Sport / Enduro / Motorcycle

Review of Kawasaki klx250s Dual Sport / Enduro / Motorcycle
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I purchase this 2009 Kawasaki KLx250s and wanted to give a review on the bike, Here is some pro’s and Con’s and a test drive on the bike.

12 thoughts on “Review of Kawasaki klx250s Dual Sport / Enduro / Motorcycle

  1. like a drill sergeant “IIIII CAAAAANT HEEEEEAR UUUUUUU” 
    PS i love my 09 klx250s

  2. I’m 16 and living in illinois where I can’t get a motorcycle license on a motorcycle over 150cc’s until Im 18. That being said I was wondering if this is a good bike for just offroading. Im a beginner in addition so I don’t think it will matter that much the bike I use but I just want to buy a bike that I can license when I turn 18 and will have for fun up until then. Do you suggest the klx250s?

  3. quick question. im about to buy a 250cc dual sport and the klx250 is my favorite, but im 6’4 tall and that might be a problem. Idk if will I look silly on this bike or should I look for other ones??Yamaha wr is a good option bu I still prefer this kawa.  im worried for being to tall for this bike. what ya’ll think. any advice

  4. I’ve had my 2012 klx250s for about 3 years now and I’m 5’10 and I sit pretty well on it. the only thing that bothers me is the boring ass sound and the fact its not easy to lift the front wheel without going into 2nd (because its sorta heavy)

  5. PS: Your audio is fine. These people complaining about low audio are complaining over nothing.

  6. What do you think would be a good price for a 2009 Kawasaki KLx250s with about 1800 miles on it?

  7. I’m thinking about buying the klx250s dual sport. I have to travel about 30 miles on the highway 5 days a week to work. The min is 40 on the highway. Was thinking I could do 55-60. Would that wined the motor to much for that long. The road then leads into a 55 mph zone for another 50 miles. Would this bike be ok with that?

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