Replacing the Neutral Safety Switch on a Motorcycle (Kawasaki ZZR600)

Replacing the Neutral Safety Switch on a Motorcycle (Kawasaki ZZR600)
A short instructional video I decided to make because I was bored. This task was very easy and I could have made the video a lot shorter if I wanted to.

And yes, I realize that I kept saying “bolt” about the switch even though it isn’t really. 🙂 Haha


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  1. I took my zzr600 in to the shop 3 times they had it a month all together and the swetich still flickers gonna do it my self fuck do you kmow how to replace a clutch on the zz600i have the same one as you kawasaki ninja zzr600 2008

  2. @wilberto052290 I apologize, I don’t know how to replace the clutch. I think clutches are somewhat expensive, but all very similar to change out. I don’t believe they are so hard though, so most tutorials should point you in the right direction. sportbikes(dot)net has some good information on the ZZR600 and have a few people who are really knowledgeable on the bike. Best of luck to you!

  3. hey bro! thanks alot for this video! helped me out alot! just btw if you dont put the bike on a stand you get oil everywhere 🙂

  4. I sold the bike 1,000 miles later. I’m currently on my 5th bike lol. Currently in love with my Triumph Street Triple!

  5. bro i haven’t checked mine but could this why my zzr is not starting with the irgnition switch ? but also my neutral light does not come on .. get at me asap! tnks

  6. If your neutral light is not coming on, this is most likely the reason why. If you’re in neutral and try starting the bike without the clutch pulled in, and the kick stand down…the bike will not start if it doesn’t think it’s in neutral. If you pull in the clutch while in neutral, it should still be able to start even if it doesn’t know it’s in neutral. As soon as you let go of the clutch and the stand is down though, it should kill the bike. If so, time for a new neutral safety switch.

  7. Nice thanks for the info my bro in law just bought one today and has that problem. Thanks

  8. Part is actually on the side. 14 millimiter wrench required. If on kickstand get part ready as oil will gush out. Use washer from old part. I ordered the part and replaced it successfully. Other than getting oil on my hands and a spot on the garage floor the project was successful thanks to this video. Thank you!!!

  9. i just bought 2008 zzr 600 3 days ago i have the same problem going to order my part thur. thanks for the infro , still love the bike had a2009 r-6 i dont miss it.

  10. No problem. Keep in mind some oil may drain from that hole if you have your bike on the side stand. You had an 09 r6? I would mainly miss the fuel injection, but the ZZR is much more comfortable.

  11. I just wiggled the wire and pushed it into the bike and it works! Check this before wasting money on a new part!

  12. please help me i have the nuteral switch in but the cable has been cut where does the cable go to from the swich where is the other end

  13. I don’t know where the other end goes…probably some wiring harness that hooks up to the ECU or something. Look for a wiring diagram.

  14. Where can i buy/order the switch? Mine is going out on my 2003 zx6r and i cant seem to find it anywhere. A link will be appreciated. Thanks!

  15. i got the same bike, mine died on me yesterday left me stranded on the side of the road.  Sounded like it was running out of gas slowly bogging down until it just shut off.  Full tank of gas and every 5 minutes you could fully choke it and it would sputter and try firin up for a sec but then die.  Got it home took the tank off and discovered the fuel pump was not engaging what so ever.  Tested with meter and found that it is getting voltage at the connector but not enough apparently so im assuming its the relay but i just ordered a new relay, pump, filter and air filter because the one that was on there looks like it was the original lol unimaginably dirty
    but wish me luck i hope i get her back on the road
    carbureted bikes are a bitch and i am dam sure getting fuel injected for my next one

  16. Haha nice
    Yea most carb bikes don’t have pumps I guess but all zzrs do
    And I bet its a huge difference with fuel Injected huh

  17. Oh and got the bike runnin today
    The ground wire Inside the cap of the fuel pump came un soldered
    Sure enuff it engaged soon as I put it back together

  18. Thx man and me too
    I let it worry me a little to much sometimes when somethin goes wrong with it
    I think a good plug change and carb clean won’t hurt but as of now she don’t run bad

  19. Great and helpful comments, thank you, my problem was the sidestand kill switch, completely crudded over on my ZZR1100 D4 50000 miles,turned over but would not start, cleaned the outside  and shot some WD40 up the switch-starts immediately-what a relief !.

  20. Did you have to train all the oil? Or only a small amount of oil will come out? Need to place a bucket or something?

  21. do you know why my bike does not go into neutral once it’s on? I can put it on neutral when the bike is off but once it’s on and I’m at a light, it completely skips neutral and goes to second gear

  22. I know it’s old, but great video anyway. I may have to do this soon too.. I’m also having trouble with mine cutting out at high speeds when I’m heavy on the throttle. Plus to top it all off, the sidestand switch is acting up.. I will click down into 1st and it will die. I use my foot to wiggle the sidestand around and try again and everything is fine.. until I start getting heavy on the throttle. Do you think the sidestand could be vibrating at high speeds and causing it to cut off? Thanks again

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