Radiator Repair – Aluminum Brazing – Motorcycle – 2007 Kawasaki ZX6R – HOW TO

Radiator Repair – Aluminum Brazing – Motorcycle – 2007 Kawasaki ZX6R – HOW TO
Repairing a hole in the radiator of my 2007 Kawasaki ZX6R using aluminum brazing rod. Also repairing the bottom fan bracket that broke as well.

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  1. Heat the parent metal and allow it to melt the solder. Don’t melt the rod with the torch or you will get a cold solder and it may not hold. Good first try though. Flux will also help you. When the flux bubbles you know your ready and the solder will follow the flux and fill and bond much much better.

  2. Dude!!!! Thank you VERY much!!!!! I have the EXACT same bike down to the same color. As soon as I finished this video I check my fan thingy. Guess what? Same problem. How long did it take you to complete the job and do you live in vegas?

  3. I have the same exact problem to the T. Before I try doing this I want to know if it’s worth it. Have you had any problems since you’ve done that?

  4. This is a manufacturer design defect and should be recalled by kawasaki. I had this happen and there was coolant everywhere including some on my rear tire. The bottom mounting tab will continue to break even when re-welded. I wonder how good the JB weld will hold up down there, I might try it or even eliminate that bottom mounting tab, bolt and nut altogether somehow.

  5. Hey man thanks for this video! I’m going to try to do this on my radiator on my car it had an aftermarket radiator the PO had installed and it started leaking it has a lifetime warranty but i never got the receipt with the car so I’m SOL and I’m not paying 370 for a new mishimoto rad I’ll let you know how it comes out! Do you have any tips or tricks?

  6. Don’t put the rod in the fire.
    Heat the part, then remove the flame and apply the rod to the part.  If it’s hot enough the rod will flow, if it doesn’t keep heating the part.
    Putting the rod in the fire is where most people have trouble with this.

  7. My 2007 ZX-6R had the same problem! The bottom radiator fan mount bracket breaks and causes one of the mounting bolts to constantly slam into the radiator until severe leaking occurs. This is most definitely a design issue and manufacturing defect and should be recalled by Kawasaki!

  8. that aluminum brazing,,   not good   for leaks   may be   for other thing  but  when it comes  to leaks,  jajjaj  is  just a no the right thing to use!!!!!

  9. I like jb weld but know it won’t hold up… I’ve used jb weld on my cj7 dash to cold weld a couple of my switched to the back of my dash and when I sanded the top of the dash, the weld broke off of the wiper switch. Had to reweld it..

  10. Interesting video. I just bought a new radiator but the side of it is crushed in some (not big but enough to see that its squished in). How much will it cost to repair it and will this dent cause any issues? Seller is offering me an $8 refund.. It seems on the low side to me..

  11. Word of the day ” Flux “. With flux, the aluminum would channel into the cracks where it’s supposed to bond.

  12. Also , if you lay the rod in the crack and heat the shit out of it, you won’t be able to tell you even welded it. Believe me I’ve done this before.

  13. Thank you very much about posting this! I actually have a NLA radiator with a hole about this size that needs to be fixed. I had it for well over a year wondering that to do with it. Might have saved me $450! Thanks! 🙂

  14. I had the Exact same thing happen to my ninja,,I made a lil Bracket from my rubber mounting hole,,,Plus…I put soft black window foam around the outer plastic frame of my fan,(where it would meet up with my radiator,,Still holding after 3 years,My friends Suzuki already has the soft foam Factory on his….

  15. I just bought my zx6r not to long ago and the same thing happen but it happen before I bought since the fan was poorly rigged by the previous owner with extra confusing parts I guess I have a leak in the middle where the center of the fan has been touching Im going to try to weld it today or tomorrow

  16. nice I used Quik steel 2 fix my Crank Case that had a hole  the size of my thumb 1  1/2 ”  & Crack  on 1100 Honda in 2014 still holding oil  for 2 years now ***** ty for your video

  17. you should have chamfered both edges on that seam in order for the aluminum rod to flow and form the joint you wanted

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