Paintless Dent or PDR tools: Kawasaki Motorcycle Tank

Paintless Dent or PDR tools: Kawasaki Motorcycle Tank
I produced this video to show how in depth my DVD training can be. I am producing these videos for students of all levels.

15 thoughts on “Paintless Dent or PDR tools: Kawasaki Motorcycle Tank

  1. Absolutely not. Finding your tool tip in a flexing reflection takes years of practice and proper tools. What I teach in my DVD course can prepare a student for a dent like this from tool dressings and proper view. Whether he or she can hit a mark, depends on their practice and commitment to the art.

  2. u can take the fuel cap off with simple hand tools. it would give you much better acess to the inside

  3. One of the amazing bits here is the adhesion and flexibility of the paint finishes used on cars and bikes now.

  4. @hcavsailor – there are many PDR techs in Australia. Depending on the location of the dent to the gas hole the tank may have to come off and be mounted (very easy) for good leverage or just removed the way I do in this video. I suggest removing the tank to ensure best access and views of dents from different angles. Always look any tech in the eye ask whether they can make the repair flawless, of course depends on the dent. You can send me a picture if you like for evaluation.

  5. I notice you are in SF, I’m in the north bay and looking for someone capable of doing a tank dent repair on my bike. Can you recommend anyone, or at the very least a resource for finding a capable person?

  6. @Junriah
    mannn you got that right. yea thing’s that are crafted from nothing or fixed right like original ?
    theres nothing better.

  7. you are. really something.
    you are soo good.
    I cant even tell where the dent was.

  8. Outstanding!  Need this for a small one on my Busa.  Hard to reach area at the rear by the seat just right of center.  Quarter size and pretty deep.  Hope I can get someone to remove it here in St. Louis MO.  Wish me luck.

  9. Rocking that huge mic. You should have broke out the harmonica – LOL! Excellent video thou.

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