Ninja 300 – Acceleration preview 0-100

Ninja 300 – Acceleration preview 0-100

A quick test of the Kawasaki Ninja 300’s acceleration from 0-100kmph.


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28 thoughts on “Ninja 300 – Acceleration preview 0-100

  1. Honestly, I was pushing the bike to it’s limits – In a straight line, I still haven’t reached this bikes full potential in the twisties but power wise I have, always room for improvement in the cornering. I think I outgrew it quicker then most because I used to ride a CR250 dirt bike 2 stroke and that thing went much harder then the 300. It would power wheel stand in 1st gear from rolling (clutch out). The 300 definitely won’t do that.

  2. Do not be offended but if you haven’t ride any motorcycle i wouldn’t buy so powerful moto.

  3. It’s true that the cbr is more expensive, but it has 9hp more than the ninja and it has ABS of series (sorry for my english).. It’s also true that cbr and ninja have the same top speed.. it’s a strong battle

  4. Look up thegardensnake’s video on hard break ins. It’s the best you can do to a new engine.

  5. Yes do exactly that, ride both as OhPhilly suggests, Its the only way to tell what your comfortable on and or with! I hear the 300 is a great bang for the buck!

  6. i chose the 300 over the cbr because i wanted that agressive look .. the cbr doesn’t feel sporty at all and the sound of the 300 itself is just awesome.. it’s a sharper bike and power is really similar..

  7. i miss my cbr600rr but i can’t afford another 600 because they’re over 10 grand.  the 300 SE ABS ninja is only 5400.  and the jet black non SE is only 4999.  they arent that expensive at all.

  8. Good learning bike for a small frame male or an average size female. If you’re a 175 lb. man (or larger) and expect to ride at highway speeds maybe 25 to 35 percent of the time you ride I think you will be disappointed with the power. I have had dozens of bikes over the last 45 years including the Burnt Orange (beautiful color) Ninja 650r. For the couple of grand more you have a machine that you will not outgrow in a few months. However, if you know you’re going to be a more urban rider, not leaving the city or suburbs; if you obey the speed limit laws religiously; then I bet you’ll be fine with a 300 (and you will saved a couple of thousand dollars, you’ll get a bit better mpg’s, and have no loss in maneuverability/handling… 

  9. Can you tell me how much you wiegh its a little scary how hi the tevs have to go to get going. Im 285..i love the look and price of the ninja 300 but may be unsafe for a heavier person. Im also 5’6″

  10. Just a note, at the beginning of a video, beep your horn, or do something that you can easily sync your video and audio with, it makes the video itself much more enjoyable.

  11. Damn man, you just beat the average 0-100 for a cbr500r lol 😛 Looks like it depends a LOT more on the rider then I thought 🙂

  12. @OhPhilly – You live in Australia, right? And you use kilometers per hour, not miles per hour, right?

  13. pretty fast didn’t know a 300 could do that since im new to bikes whats that around 70mph

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