Ninja 250r – The Ultimate Beginners Motorcycle

Ninja 250r – The Ultimate Beginners Motorcycle
I set out to make a vlog and instead made a commercial for the Ninja 250.

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Show size comparisons between small ladies and large fellas on the bike as well as other useful tidbits.

I give a brief introduction to the Ninja 250r, as well as a small 600cc comparison.

This is something to consider before just running out and grabbing that brand new GSX-R.

Despite what you may see in this video, always wear proper gear. Remember, ride within your skill limits and choose your bike appropriately.

Anything with the designation GSX-R, YZF-R, ZX or CBR is designed for TRACK riding, they just made them street legal. Would you give a brand new driver the keys to a Ferrari for their first car? Probably not. I think the same applies to Supersport bikes.

Get a Ninja 250, grip and rip it, have a blast and do it the safe way!

25 thoughts on “Ninja 250r – The Ultimate Beginners Motorcycle

  1. i just bought a 250 a month ago. its all i need and im 6 feet. Im not a power hungry motorcycle guy. i dont need extra power its fast enough.

  2. Thanks a lot for the info. I am the same size and build as you and this video helped me alot with visualizing how I would look seated on the bike.

  3. I was interested in the ninja 250 but alas I’m 6’6…. And I’m only 18 -.- so even if I do fit on the 250 I probably won’t fit for very long

  4. I need help locating a water pump for my 94 ninja 250 can’t seem to find one for less than 200

  5. I’m 6 feet tall and 242lbs and this bike would be perfect, I’m 17 though and I have thought of getting this bike for a couple months. I don’t have a lot of money only just like a couple hundred bucks and even the cheap ninja 250rs on craigslist go for $2500+ for good quality which is a lot for my budget, I’m looking for about $1000 bike which is really doable. My dad used to ride ninjas back in the day and he approves of me getting my motorcycle license since I have been driving in a car for almost 2 years and I know how to drive and avoid bad situations.

  6. I’m 6’5, 190 lbs and I love my ninja 250. It is my first bike.
    I was worried it may not be comfortable because of my height but it’s actually not a problem. The bike (like the ninja 650 and 1000) is a sort of sport touring bike. The seating is not very aggressive and actually quite comfortable for longer rides..

  7. Thank you so much for this video. Now I know that I’m too short for 250, because I’m only 5 foot tall 🙁 sucks! I really don’t like the idea getting z125

  8. I’m 5’10” and weigh around 210! I have sat on the Ninja 300,and it fits me perfectly,…not too big,or too small. I would imagine that if I were to get an older used Ninja 250,it would fit me just as well as the 300. Biggest selling point of the 300 for me is fuel injection vs. carb on the 250! I don’t have the motorcycle yet,..but looking at purchasing this coming summer. I want to take the MSF Course first! Would I get bored on either motorcycle? No,..I don’t think I would as either one would be more than enough for me, it will be cheaper on the insurance!

  9. Buying an 02 ninja 250 with 1100 miles for $1200 and a cracked fairing still a steal?

  10. Dangg if Jane who is 5’4 can’t fit on the 250r then I definitely won’t fit. I’m 5’1. 100lbs 🙁

  11. Man. Awesome review and thank you. I’m in the market of looking for a beginners bike. This got my attention and the comparison was awesome !

  12. I have to say, you had presented the video with plenty of concern for your viewers (hence the text boxes throughout the video) and you had also presented it very eloquently. Thumbs up!

  13. ik this vid is old and im unlikely to get a reply from anyone but, a ninja 250 is still shaped and rode more like a sports bike right? foot and body position wise i mean, and ive heard that sports bikes are really uncomfortable, so even though its not getting crazy power like a normal sport bike, i feel that having a naked bike might be a little better for a beginner motorcyclist right?

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