New Project Motorcycle: The Kawasaki KZ1000 Chronicles #1

New Project Motorcycle: The Kawasaki KZ1000 Chronicles #1
New Project Motorcycle: The Kawasaki KZ1000 Chronicles

I’m hoping this is an easy project, it certainly looks that way on the surface. But I’m aware that these things can quickly devolve into madness. Either way, for a friend like Ken Dean Jason and I have to give it a shot. Win or lose I’ll take you guys along for the journey!

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To all the true believers… I really hope I can pull this one off for Ken. He’s a true friend and a man deserves to be reunited with his motorcycle. Keep it weird y’all. #shadetreearmy

38 thoughts on “New Project Motorcycle: The Kawasaki KZ1000 Chronicles #1

  1. My brother had one of those back in the day. He let me ride it and it scared the cowboy piss out of me.

  2. Maybe you should look into a Memphis Shades windscreen. Love mine and got it for a pretty fair price and they’re quick disconnect so it will come off easy.

  3. I like how Ken Dean has a bitching tattoo down the middle of his fucking forehead. Metal as fuck.

  4. “ya never leave a brother on the side of the road”

    Waldo brings back memories man.

  5. AWSOME vid man as always,,,,i’ll be looking forward to future vids for this build can’t wait to check out the finished product,,,thumbs up dude

  6. I just found this Chanel. Fuckin keep it up man your pumpin out good stuff.

  7. That’s a classic chunk of Japanese iron right there, so do it justice brother. I’d start by sourcing an original swing arm and junk that bikini fairing ?

  8. If you hate hipsters now…. oh man… you’re goin to hipster mecca my dude. Job applications are usually good repellent

  9. This video was so awesome. I’ve been working on some electrical issues with my 76 CB550 and needed some inspiration to keep going.

    I had a neighbor in Indianapolis that had two KZ1000’s. I could hear those things fire up from inside my second floor apartment. He would have me try to kick start it after being jealous watching me kick over the smaller 550.

    Thanks for sharing this story, it’s rad man. The bike I bought was an original that was restored by a man whose best friend owned it back in the 70’s and unfortunately passed away. I’ve learned a lot just by owning an old bike.

    Every bike has a story!

  10. Aw man… Just put that same fairing on my 79 cm400T. It’s common for the gauges to crackle up in the sun. The tinted visor made a lot of sense to protect it. Also has room for my GPS. The KZs are amazing bikes still able to hang with the big dogs of today. I heard RFY makes some cheap shocks that should work well. At the very least they look bad ass. Good luck!

  11. “Rat’s nest full of bullshit” is going to be my new favorite mixed metaphor. Thanks! Hope you get the KZ working!

  12. A video with the Waldicorn in it? I’ll take it! Miss seeing him around your videos.

  13. Very cool man, can’t wait to see the results. Looks like the toe cutter’s bike from the original mad max.

  14. Another brand new white board… $17… JK… I hope that this all comes together without a hitch, I would love to see Ken come back and reclaim his beloved motorcycle that was made roadworthy by his dear friends… I see Tim Kreitz as a consultant on this one…

  15. Friendship has more value than free shit any day.  That KZ has so much potential and it will be fun watching you guys put it back on the road.  Best of luck.

  16. Just found your channel and happy I did. Awesome vids. Funny as hell. And to top it off, you’re a solid dude. What’s not to love?! If you ever find your way up in MA, you have peeps who got your back up here. Just give a shout.

  17. Word is you’re gonna be an invited builder to Born free 10 ………….. just sayin 😉

  18. first time seeing any of your vids. and I must say, loyalty is a rare thing these days, especially in the Tampa Bay area which seems to be riddled with thieves, liars, and back stabbers. good shit man. I’m looking forward to seeing your other post. also the unicorn thing is funny as fuck. LOL!

  19. When I was 5 (thirty years ago) my uncle ran from the popo on a kz1000, remember him rippin by the house with a 5.0 stang highway patrol on his ass. Bike ended up blowing up and he got busted.

  20. The KZ 1000 is quite possibly the most built drag bike in the history of motorcycles you can still build big bore KZs to run mid 9 second quarters not bad for a 40 year old bike, plus law enforcement ran these bikes into the 2000s crazy right .

  21. I ran My KZ 3 years ago in san antonio at the strip totaly stock except for header I ran a 12. 01 only ran it once and I did not give her all she had she is to sentimental to really beat her.

  22. And what happened to the chopper build i looked on your channel and havent found the last video…

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