Near Motorcycle Crash at 160mph – Kawasaki ZX6R [Multiangle!]

Near Motorcycle Crash at 160mph – Kawasaki ZX6R [Multiangle!]
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A 2009 Yamaha R6, 2006 Kawasaki ZX6R, and 2012 Kawasaki ZX6R hit the roads to explore the limits of their bikes. Some of that appears in this video. While hitting mid triple digit speeds, one ZX6R approaches the other as it makes a lane change to make room for the R6.

As the 2012 ZX6R brakes to about 90mph, the 2006 ZX6R approaches at 160mph with just 100 feet to spare. With a split second reaction, it avoids a collision by mere inches.

Motonosity and the characters of TheAK47s and Brussel512 do not participate in or condone this riding on public streets.

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” upload_time=”2013-02-26T16:32:19.000Z” description=”I’ve Moved to a New Channel! – A 2009 Yamaha R6, 2006 Kawasaki ZX6R, and 2012 Kawasaki ZX6R hit the roads to explore the limits”]

35 thoughts on “Near Motorcycle Crash at 160mph – Kawasaki ZX6R [Multiangle!]

  1. The only thing wrong was the insane speeding. He probably didn’t think his friend was going 130+ since it didn’t look like it so he changed lanes thinking it was safe

  2. Topping out a bike, anywhere, is inherently risky.  Without proper setup, knowing your bike’s every inch, proper tire inflation for the weather and rider, you could be headed to the cemetery.  No reason to ever go this fast, at any time, off the track – unless you are paid to race for a team, which few people are in the end.

  3. You almost killed an innocent rider too, which is half the problem with idiots doing 100+ anywhere on public roads.

  4. Another great example of why I dont like riding with other people … 2 dumb asses has too much speed and the other inexplicably drifts to the right ..

  5. Youtube, because people are perfect little angels. Yeah there’s a time and place for this. Glad nothing happen.

  6. All three need to go back to rider ed. All have no lane discipline. Your other video says you shoulder check and don’t really need mirrors, at 100+mph, looking around, really? If someone came up the inside of me at that speed I wouldn’t be high fiving him, I’d punch the head off him.

  7. i give props for not being the average idiot and hitting the breaks at that speed you would have been another statistic

  8. Fools and horsepower a poor combination –
    Sport bike riders die 3 times more often than all other types of motorcycle combined.

  9. speedo read 150mph – so it was more like 135mph.. ether way – no surprise here, too much power for too little responsibility.
    Not to mention how painfully long it took to get to those speeds..

  10. Shouldn’t never drive anything ever again, every ticket they can think of and put you in jail before you kill someone. And stop giving bikers a bad name and just walk if you can do that? maybe not if you think about it.

  11. Honestly that wasn’t even that close … he had a lot of time to react and he didn’t whip very fast out of the way and he probably should have whipped left not right …

  12. “That was inches” … dude you’re on a zx-6r you can flick that thing so hard you could have been 5 feet to the left of him in the left lane.

  13. do what you want with yourself, but don’t charge people like that in the same lane.

  14. This is why I don’t do group rides anymore. You should be embarrassed for nearly killing your buddy on a strait road.

  15. good job of not having target fixations, and staying in calm control of the bike. if it wasn’t for that you would have been chopped in pieces from that guardrail

  16. I don’t speed past 80MPH on the road. I enjoy short acceleration to speed that’s it.. if I want to speed I’ll go to the drag strip

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