Naked Sports Threeway: Aprilia Shiver 900 vs. Kawasaki Z900 vs. Suzuki GSX-S750

Naked Sports Threeway: Aprilia Shiver 900 vs. Kawasaki Z900 vs. Suzuki GSX-S750
Truly, this collection of roadsters – Suzuki’s GSX-S750, Kawasaki’s Z900 and Aprilia’s new Shiver 900 – has all the performance most anyone needs to frolic in the canyons, let alone stay ahead of traffic, and agreeable ergonomics enable versatility for everything from commuting to touring. While this threesome isn’t a perfect fit in terms of specifications, they are priced in the same range and offer similar sporty performance.

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20 thoughts on “Naked Sports Threeway: Aprilia Shiver 900 vs. Kawasaki Z900 vs. Suzuki GSX-S750

  1. Though, the shiver blows everything else out of the water in terms of sound. Awesome V-Twin rumble =] And it gives you some hilarious *wrapbapbapbapbap* when letting off the throttle. Check out some driving videos with the shiver to see what I mean 😉

    Regarding the power, well I can live without the top-end power on naked bike. The Shiver really goes (in sport mode) from 3500 rpm, even by a slight twist of the throttle without being twitchy. And while the riding position is slightly sporty (more sporty than on my previous sv650 anyway) it is still relaxed enough to be very usable in the day-to-day routine. I also really dig the more classy looks with their slight red accents.

    Add to that the relatively high seat and good leg room, which makes it more enjoyable to ride for somebody somewhat tall as me (6’1″) All around, I am extremely happy with the bike, even though I cannot compare it to the old shiver and cannot say if it would be worth to upgrade…

  2. My 750 ape dose wheelies in 2nd gear..and the ape sounds so dam good with some leo pipes..the Suzuki and kawi still sound like a blow dryer..

  3. I found the Shiver was too tall, more like an adventure bike than a street naked. Z900 is best of those 3.

  4. i have always been a Suzuki fan and i would still take that over any other, but the Aprilia would be my second choice as for kawasaki never will i waste my money on one again i have had a few over the years and had nothing but problems with them

  5. Good video, Bros. I was waiting for it; i live in Mexico, next year i want get one of those bikes, soooo this is very helpful thank you, i will visit Motorcycle. Com SALUDOS AMIGOS!!!!

  6. Stop the bullshit and compare the Z900 with the GSX S1000. That’s a real head to head. Unfortunately the Z900 would be left so far behind in performance and value it would be a joke.

  7. When is the new super naked shootout coming. I want to see the teams final thoughts after seeing them out at Chuckwalla

  8. bought a Z900 in July. Love the bike no extra crap and power band nice and linear. great rider feedback! handles very well . I am 6’1″ tall and 188lbs( naked not riding gear) and have no problems with the bike as it sits! Had to store it a bit over a week ago as Iowa weather is now crap for year for riding. Since end of July and then I had just 18 miles shy of 2000 miles on it already.

  9. What did they do to the Shiver??? …my ’14 Shiver sl-750 destroys my brothers ’15 gsx-S750 everywhere, handling, braking, comfort…! How did they wreck their own bike!?!?

  10. The Z900 shines again… Such a great bike. I wish they would have talked more about how perfectly the power is delivered and how smooth the engine is through every single gear. All this achieved with 0 rider aides whatsoever…well…besides abs! I’m partial towards the Z seeing as I own one, but I was happy seeing my bike shine over the Aprilia in this review.

    I love when my bike comes out on top!

  11. I’m waiting to see the 2018 Yamaha FZ-09 SP
    ( with better suspension, a full-color dash, a quickshifter, and R1M color scheme! )

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