Motovlog 13 – Motorcycle girl pickup | She likes my bike

Motovlog 13 – Motorcycle girl pickup | She likes my bike
She likes my Kawasaki Ninja ZX bike so I used it as a motorcycle girl pickup. SUBSCRIBE:


Everyone tells me I’m CRAZY because I ride motorcycles in the SNOW. Am I the most INSANE school teacher riding on two wheels? I don’t think so but you be the judge.

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30 thoughts on “Motovlog 13 – Motorcycle girl pickup | She likes my bike

  1. You make me laugh dude!
    You should have taken her to your local DQ for an ice cream, maybe she would have given you a can!

    You need to now do a vid and show us a week or 2 down the liner how that front section of your rim looks and the the rear piece she polished!

  2. Another gr8 vid!… My husband said…”You better give your wife flowers after making this vlog!”…

  3. I thought of doing the same thing….boot to the door! But I do live in Cali were lane splinting is G2G! I hate the people that think they should make the rules and crowd the line and not allow us to pass! Dumb asses! Great short video

  4. *wears earphones and putted in high volume* *Love song came on* AYEEEEEEEEEE NINJA FLYBOYYYY!! ?? *Static sound came on loud* *shouts loud from pain* IM NEVER EVER PUT HIGH VOLUME ON MY EARPHONES?? (Btw ninja flyboy AWESOME video!! ??

  5. Ack, she sprayed it right on the rim…which seems risky if it gets on a motorcycle tire. Not sure about those one-product-to-rule-them-all products. Generally I think it’s better to spray the towel and then apply surgically. Plus, there’s less atomization to get everywhere.

  6. I would’ve felt bad after she did all that talking and demonstrating and turned her down. lol

  7. hello fron the great state of Georgia just came across you perfect vids man ROCK ON

  8. 4 to 6 weeks my ass. I bought the product years ago and I’ve used it on several bikes, cars, trucks, you name it. on average it lasted a good 2 weeks average. it’s not a bad product but C’mon lady, get real #rant

  9. Bro you voice drop when you talk to chicks or your modify it when you shoot vlogs?

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