Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle

Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle
A stretched 05 Kawasaki ZX10 piloted by Nick “Apex” Brocha vs. a Corvette-Powered RX7 driven by Jim Guthrie in a high speed drifting battle.

Download Hi-Res Desktop Images:

Nick’s Icon Gear:
Variant Salvo HiViz Helmet
Overlord Prime Hero Jacket
Overlord Prime Pants
Overlord Gloves
Patrol Boots

Jim’s Icon Gear:
Alliance Reflective Helmet
29’r Gloves

Canon 5D
Canon 7D
Panasonic GH1
GoPro Hero HD

Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless w/ 11.1v LiPo Battery

32 thoughts on “Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle

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  2. Bikes in a straight line may be faster cause it’s less weight but that drift bike looks disgusting

  3. bike in Brazil 70% tax” motocycle 300cc liquid-cooled, are 25 Salary bike minimum”worth much money; , I ask giving a”When motocycle I have a money I return to you, I need to go downtown Work” I dwell in the state of São Paulo is Brazil’s industrial hub :minimum wage of Brazil is 230, 00 euros per month

  4. i are ace rx -7 over are taylor drift bay to no subscribe te canal icon motorsports

  5. 車バイクは好きだがドリフトとかは恥ずかしいとしか思わん。なんでかっこつけちゃってんの

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