Testing starter relay on a Kawasaki ninja 600r, may work for other models as well…


  1. Thank you for this Loban. I’m a teacher and your tutorial is amazing. It’s clear, concise and includes both written and visual instruction. Thank you for not talking it to death!

  2. how does this test work properly if the problem is another fault not letting the start button engage the relay , IE faulty safety switches or something related

  3. i’m just wondering, how can the relay click if
    you take of the power leads ?

  4. I am trying to do the same thing on a Yamaha seca II. if you disconnect both leads to test, there is no way to try and start to test cause there is no power.

  5. Hi, i just did like you show on video, and it didn t respond at one but when trying again to read on the meter it click then it make the sond and show zero on the meter i just put on the cable and my bike start again and again just wonder why and if i can trust it?

  6. I’m having some trouble with a 2001 ZX6R. Relay clicks, but doesn’t crank the starter. Battery is charged. Sometimes it cranks the starter, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll run these tests. Also, if it doesn’t crank by pressing start button, but cranks while joining the two leads of the relay, it’s the relay, correct?

  7. youtube has a video about how to make the starter better on a 1983 honda cx650 motorcycle does anybody know what video im asking about

  8. Just a question… I have a 1990 cbr 600F. Today I pulled it out and went to start it. The dash lights went out and I heard a strange noise either coming from under the seat or around where the stator is. This happened twice. I checked all connections to battery, rectifier, and stator. Tried a 4th time and it started no problem. Now I havent had a chance to look at the battery or anything else yet. But what does this sound like? The relay? The starter? Fuse? All three? Im going to look this weekend and see. I just recently changed the the rectifier and stator so they are both new. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  9. I know this is a really old video, I hope you will respond. I did your test, really helpful. My ohm meter hit 69 ohm’s. I’m hoping this means its bad? I clicks once really loud. this is on a 2004 Yamaha R1

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