Motorcycle Spring Ride 2012 – Kawasaki ZX7R

Motorcycle Spring Ride 2012 – Kawasaki ZX7R
No notable scenes, just a test of the cam position during the first ride of the season+ride to the garage

Working for a Nuclear Free City – Je Suis Le Vent
Maeva – Joris Delacroix (Original Mix)

PS: Das Video stammt ursprünglich von einem Kollegen

32 thoughts on “Motorcycle Spring Ride 2012 – Kawasaki ZX7R

  1. Nice video! i have this bike i loved it… until i bought an 05 ZX10R 🙂

  2. Moto mythique il est vrai, je n’arrive pas à m’en séparer, ce n’est que du bonheur, bientôt 70000kms de bonnes sensations dues aux carburateurs et qu’une injection ne pourra jamais retranscrire de la même façon.

  3. what is the power output please , looks like the front is lifting unless it’s camera

  4. Yeah a little shy of 200kg but they will pull up on clutch , not really designed for pulling wheelies … twisties are this bikes forte , i have one too

  5. Nice video where is that those look like some fun roads to ride nice and twisty and u can see what’s coming far away

  6. Lawl dachte mir schon ich kenn die straßen ^^ bin in Henndorf aufgewachsen. MfG

  7. Where was this video filmed? it’s a beautiful place :O

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