Motorcycle Splitting The Crank Case Pt1

Motorcycle Splitting The Crank Case Pt1
Part one of a DIY series.Bad transmission.Splitting the crankcase.With Basic Tools.1998 zx 900 Kawasaki Ninja

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  1. My bike has a broken trasmission, or gearbox(im not english), is it easy to replace yourself when you have not did allot fo fixxing before?, im young and i want to learn so, just wanted to know

  2. so is this a hayabusa case or ninja or are they the same as far as procedure goes

  3. I got a 01 zx6r and got a oil leak from the stator and the bolt holes are stripped out do I need to change the crankcase or somthing I can buy to seal the leak and to replace the crankcase do I have to pull the whole motor off

  4. You could simply make the hole one size larger with a tap and die you would need to buy the new bolts make sure they will all fit length and width,If its just one you could get away with maybe just sealing that one up,As for cases they are made as a set one top and one bottom from two different motors would cause alot of problems.Good luck.

  5. The guy I got it from already did that to them and they needed fixed again but thanks I will try that

  6. man i wish i can thank you in person …i just split my case ….04 cbr600f4i…my gear dogs was fucked up …..i did every little thing you said to do… and i fucking split my case …..just ty bro you are awesome

  7. Hi Bones,
    Hope your day is going well sir. Question sir…is it hard to tear down a 2000 ZX600E sir? My transmission is slipping out of 2nd gear and I believe my transmission needs to be replaced. Thank you for your time.

  8. hi, watched this video … and have a question … I found the same bike … but the guy told me that the gearbox is not working … the third and fourth speed. Because the gears is on the same shaft … it’s hard to fix at home?

  9. So Say I Have A Kz 550 An Wanna Replace the crank with a shaft. is it do able?  I just want the transmission So I Can Use a Jet Power Turbine To drive It.

  10. Good work. I have an old trick for you. Get some stackable plasic produce crates about 6 or 8 inches deep and put each section of teardown in one. Stash them overhead.
    You’ll clear up a bunch of bench and floor space. That was from 100 years ago and my “almost” one car garage(climb out the window type). Well. A ’64 Galaxy WAS a tad bigger than a Hyundai 😉

  11. is it possible to open the bottom part like this on 1100 ninja (zx11, “92) . I think there’s a problem in output bearing or in the gearbox, if i don’t need to take all the motor apart then that would be fantastic…

  12. Thank you for the great video. I am about to replace the transmission on my Speed Triple in a few days. It is good to see how it is done, it should be pretty similar. Can’t wait to watch the rest as I rebuild it.

  13. how many hours do you believe that you have in this. I think I might have the same thing going on with my 93 6e second gear will not really engage unless im at high rpms and even then it slips back to neutral and does not stay locked in. little afraid to even shift into second normally I go to 3rd. but ik that can not be good on a tranny either and i dont wanna shoot a rod through the block like whoever u bought that other motor from.

  14. Mannn, you need to start posting more videos. There is a lot of useful advice in your vids!! Hope you’re good and see more stuff from you soon..

  15. Hello im wondering if it’s really hard to take a part one motorcycle engine my engine block crack and I want to replace the set of cases

  16. Hello are you able to tell me what is what you need to replace when you do this type of swap please I need help I’m going to change cases on my 06 cbr1000rr

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