Motorcycle sound system – Shark Cycle Audio, 100 & 250 watt amp

Motorcycle sound system – Shark Cycle Audio, 100 & 250 watt amp

Skip to 5:30 to get to sound test.

This was posted in response to another viewer’s request.

This shows how I have the sound system installed on my bike, a 2008 Kawasaki Concours 14.

It also demonstrates the differences between the 100 watt and 250 watt Shark Cycle Audio motorcycle sound systems. Both offer great sound. They’re both well made, and satisfying. While 100 watt amp is plenty loud, the 250 watt is just that little bit extra, and the sound doesn’t get distorted when the volume is all the way up. This means that 250 watt system can actually be played a lot louder without the quality of the music being affected.

The smaller amp is , the larger 7. Both come with two waterproof speakers, mounting brackets, and all the cables and hardware you need to do the installation. This install is VERY easy. It can literally be done with only a screwdriver, and your bike’s tool kit. The only thing I had to buy were a couple bolts from the hardware store. Total time was probably 30 minutes.

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16 thoughts on “Motorcycle sound system – Shark Cycle Audio, 100 & 250 watt amp

  1. A Star washer between the mounting surface and the speaker bracket will take care of the speaker movement. Any hardware store will have them and there just a few cents each.

  2. @smacintoss Thanks. Thanks for not hating on this poorly done video too. It was done a while ago.

    Anyway – MAN! You got the 600 watt system?! I just saw that for sale the other day. I think it was around $99 at the time.

    After using the 250w system, I can tell you the 600W system would be really nice! I actually have trouble hearing most music with “only” 250 watts.

    Genuinely envious man, be sure to post a video of the new sound system!

    Hope to get one myself soon!

  3. Is the amp waterproof? Do you think you could run speaker wires/remote cable from the saddlebags to the handlebars (in the case it’s not waterproof). BTW, I liked the long video, good info!

  4. Thanks! I just got the 250 amp, bikes still in winter storage however but I got how to set it up. I hooked it up to a jumper box the test it out, sounds damn good as far as I can tell. Again, thanks for posting this! It’s going on a Honda Shadow with new drag pipes that I haven’t heard either. Damn winter in Chicago!

  5. Why would you do this. Not only does it sound like me shit, but it’s totally disrespectful of other riders. Good Helmet speakers are better, and actual ear monitors are concert quality.

  6. Hi – I know it is 6 years later but – what does the antenna wire run to? Is there an ad on antenna that can be purchased for it?

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