Motorcycle Shopping in Makati

Motorcycle Shopping in Makati
Today I tried to hit as many Shops in Makati as I could. We started off going to Suzuki Big Bikes, Seen the Suzuki GSXR1000 and they even had the Hayabusa!, After that we grabbed lunch at Jollibee, Across the street from there was Kawasaki Wheeltech They had some nice Ninja’s and a HR2 on Display! From wheeltech we stopped at Honda and seen the Cbr 150 Repsol. After finishing up at the big shops we went to Motortrade and MotorTribe to look at accessories and Helmets. We went one more place but because the video is already so long I’ll upload that later.

29 thoughts on “Motorcycle Shopping in Makati

  1. Hi ! Joseph how many bikes do you own ? And where is Jingkee. I didn’t see her this video, kinda miss her.

  2. one of my buddy has the Ninja H2 (road version) that thing is a rocket shaped like a motorcycle lol , one time I’m trailing him at 220kph then he twist the throttle smoked me liked I’m in neutral ha ha . check my recent vid a typical sunday morning coffee ride with bmw s1000rr

  3. Hey Joe, I did some searching and it’s a Kawasaki w650 (Wilkinson Bros.) final edition. Suppose to be a bad ass café racer. Anyways, be safe

  4. Started with Ninja 250 then upgraded to GSX-R 600. Rode it for 3 years until last month when I came close to Ninja 300! The bike looks awesome that I traded my 600cc Gixxer. I now own a Lime Green Ninja 300 and boy, 50cc makes a lot of diff. When you compare the power to 250cc. Im loving it so much I dont even miss my 600cc. It looks like the 1000cc Awesome video though and good luck. Take your time, your bike will find you if its meant to be!

  5. if you need a bigbike 400cc go to ANDREWS AVE.going to TERMINAL 3. its just beside a barangay hall and look for BERNARD.only 120k-130k peso

  6. I’m pretty jealous of you cause you have free time to roam that area wherein my case I just only see those stalls everyday while riding a bus (cause mid shift work – limited free time) 🙁

  7. When you have time go YouTube and type in Stigo- The Fastest folding electronic scooter. It’s by Gadget Addict he film 1&2 he also video clip the new Ayala mall. Maybe you could do the same thing.

  8. When she said the bike cost one million I got light headed LOL At what displacement do they consider “big bikes” in the philippines? 500? 600?

  9. Learn your bikes because you’re saying 1000cc and 600cc motorcycles are 250cc. New or learning riders will be confused.

  10. You could use “Mga tambay” instead of “Tambays” just saying 😀 anyway you bought the rusi bike right? next up is suzuki hayabusa or any 1000CC up xD

  11. This american motherfucker will never buy a bike. He has been to every bike shop. He ain’t gonna buy shit . His hayabooooozha ( if true) and he is looking for a 250cc bike. Only bla bla bla . Once you ride a liter bike you wont down grade.

  12. That must’ve scared janki when she saw those biker gangs wearing their cuts, I’m surprised they let you take pictures

  13. I would buy a GS or Enduro type bike over there because of the road.   I believe the Kawasaki version is almost as good as a BMW GS.  Those ninja style racers bad for your back and definitely not for stop and go traffic. Inuyasha thats an anime.  lots of adoberman pulutan on the road

  14. Hi sir ive been a fan of yours watching your youtube blogs everyday after work.. wish to have a ride when i got back home there in the ph i also have rusi Ss250 and im sure you will like it because it is modofied :)…

  15. Haha more shopping around, you have a nice bike already. Just enjoying you’re vlogs. It keep me entertain.thank for video.

  16. Why didn’t you get a 1100cc? Give Jinky a thrill 😛 Wait you went into a Suzuki dealership but ended up riding a Rusi!? Hmm OK, what ever makes you happy! 🙂

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