Motorcycle Problem Cylinder Not Firing! Need Help!!!!

Motorcycle Problem Cylinder Not Firing! Need Help!!!!
So I’ve been having problems with my kawasaki ninja 250. Problem is the right cylinder isn’t firing! The left one runs perfectly. I believe the issue is electrical because the right cylinder isn’t getting spark, thus I haven’t bothered to check compression, fuel, or air. After doing some tests, we thought the problem was the ignition coil. After buying a new one we discovered that it can’t be the ignition coil but must be the ecu! The ignition coil is getting power but it appears that the ecu isn’t grounding out to complete the circuit and make the spark plug spark. On the working side of the bike (left cylinder) there is a pulsating ground when started. Which makes the spark go on and off rapidly. Yet on the right side there is no pulsating ground. In fact theres no ground at all! We discovered all this using a voltmeter.

Anyways, if you guys have had this problem and may know what it is then let me know! Like I said I believe its the ecu. I look forward to everybody’s input! 🙂
ps. I’m getting a new bike! What should I get?!?! 😀
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6 thoughts on “Motorcycle Problem Cylinder Not Firing! Need Help!!!!

  1. Did you ever find a resolution to this?   I have a cbr 600  doing the same thing?…     SO it was just a wire issue?    THe CDI box didnt help?

  2. I have honda vtz 250 and one cylinder didin’t work , died slowly (changed spark plugs and it worked)

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