Motorcycle Oil Change: Ninja 650r 2011

Motorcycle Oil Change: Ninja 650r 2011
How to change motorcycle oil with limited tools, yes we used a water bottle for a funnel lol.

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  1. because if you take the filter off first all the oil will spill out of the oil filter area…and create an mesh. That is why you remove the oil drain bolt out first as it is on the bottom of the bike and you get a constant steady stream of old yucky oil.

  2. When the engine is off, the oil should have drain down away from filter. Ever drop the oil filter n the full oil bucket?

  3. “Don’t forget to dispose of your oil. See that field over there? I usually just dump it in the grass over there! I’M KIDDING! DON’T DO THAT!!” LMAO!! Great video! I’ll definitely use this video.

  4. Hah, I do that almost every time.

    This is a good vid, well shot. Props.

  5. You should also pour a couple ounces of new oil into the new filter to prevent as much dry starting as poss. I fill it a ~1/4 so when you hold it sideways to spin it on its still doesnt spill any oil out. Usually referred to as “priming” the filter. Some people think it matters, some dont. It takes less than a minute to do so i do it every time. Good video otherwise. BTW torque specs for my ’06 are 22ftlbs drain plug and 13ftlbs oil filter if you want better than German Spec of Good’NTight…

  6. yeah that’s what my dad does pour oil in the filter so it does not dry start and if you don’t fill the oil in the filter i takes oil and stores it in your oil filter and therefore you need to add a little bit more oil well thats how it works with cars idk much about bikes im getting my first one in a few days so any advice for a beginner would be appreciated.

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