Motorcycle Lift Table KawasakiTripHD

Motorcycle Lift Table KawasakiTripHD
Motorcycle lift table, handmade by Vjeko & Toni.

Material used:
floor car jack 15T,
square steel tubes 60x60x5, 50x30x3, 25x25x2
steel bars 15mm
wooden plank 200x50x30
some old hospital bed parts like wheels, etc.

7 thoughts on “Motorcycle Lift Table KawasakiTripHD

  1. It is the very practical design. It seems me the best construction that I’ve seen yet. I’m looking forward the dimensions for this device. Also, I’d add more rigidity by means of additional braces, but it is not necessary.

  2. Great lift!, I am building one the same. What type and thickness steel are you using on the bottom frame? Mine is bending upwards when the weight of the bike is on it. Many thanks.

  3. great design with the safety catches. “does the bottom of the jack pivot or is it fixed?” thanks

  4. man this design is genius. did you do any welding? and are you going to post any plans or steps on how you built this lift?

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