Motorcycle Kawasaki engine cover Make Up

Motorcycle Kawasaki engine cover Make Up
This short video slide show, shows you an easy and simple way on how to paint the engine covers on your motorcycle without any disassembly, If you are a motorcycle enthusiast or maybe a motorcycle dealer these are the details that will make or break a deal, NOTE, use heat resistant paint like the one from MOTIP. I used this method on my Kawasaki Z550 Ltd

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  1. Hello, can you please give me some tips, i have a 4 stroke motorcycle. i am planning to repaint it to make it looks like new,is it possible to paint the whole engine cover? its an aluminum engine,what kind of paint can i use on it. Hoping to hear from you soon..merry Christmas

  2. @zoieskillstraining

    Hi, for the engine cover I used the one from motip, for an entire engine I would recommend special motorpaint, visit the following website halfway the middle, sorry the site is in Dutch but the pictures speak for themselfs I guess,

    the paint he mentions here can be bought from japarts, see for more detail. they do international shipping as well.

  3. i use pj1 gloss black engine and case paint then clear coat it to make it super shiney stands the heat ok ive done it lots on my bikes

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