Motorcycle How To’s – Springs, Cams, Valves – Top End Kawasaki ZRX1100s

Motorcycle How To’s – Springs, Cams, Valves – Top End Kawasaki ZRX1100s
After spending several hours skimming through YouTube and several motorcycle forums, I realized no one has posted a step by step video on pulling the Kawasaki ZRX head, or even any UJM’s.

So I decided to make a beginners’ guide for pulling the head in order to show fellow riders how to do it, and hopefully give them the confidence to do it themselves. Some of this maybe over explained, but I want to make sure I had as much info as possible to guide you through it.

I am not a mechanic by any means, so please bear with me, as this is solely intended to help those who have not done it before, or to serve as a reference for those who may have forgotten exactly which steps to follow through with.

If you are looking to do the ZX11 cams and double springs for your zrx1100, this is the video you were looking for.

In this video I will show you how to:
Drain the Coolant
Remove the Valve Cover, Cams, and Head.
Clean the disassembled head
Remove/Replace and Reinstall Cams, Valve Springs, Valves, Spring Seats, & Valve Seals.
Valve clearance check and adjustment
And finally put it all back together.

I know many people who have done this before, or even professionally will have different options or opinions to how it should be done, but this should at least give you the no how to do it yourself and decide how to adjust your ways as needed.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section (or on the above posted forum) and I will try to help you out.


14 thoughts on “Motorcycle How To’s – Springs, Cams, Valves – Top End Kawasaki ZRX1100s

  1. Great bike, great vid, thank you. Do you have any footage of pulling the carbs off of this bike?

  2. what Swingarm is that….Trac Dynamics…or Mcintosh….and what lenth over is it….6 or 8 inch

  3. +CinKo Del
    Thank you, it’s not really even close to what I wanna say but this video is really educating, I loved it. Please keep posting more videos of same nature specially on the Mighty ZRX.

  4. This is good!  Very good!  🙂
    You should invest in a camera stand or some headmount, so you can show with both hands. 🙂

  5. I made it halfway through this video I would be watchin the rest of it if I didn’t have something to do this is 1 of the best videos I have ever seen man you are done things that is just totally badass I will subscribe and hope to check out more of your videos I have a YouTube channel but probably nothing you would like I don’t know but thanks for the cool video man I will watch the rest of this later

  6. Great video. I have a 98 ZX7R that I have been fixing and putting back together and have been dreading the valves because I have never done an adjustment before. This video make it look achievable and not even that bad. Keep up the good work. I’m actually playing with the idea of getting a ZRX and cafe-ing it out as a project, looks like a fun great bike

  7. nice job. very thorough and I like the way you emphasize keeping everything clean. also, the layout of the parts. I am working on my 92 ZX 1100 and the engine is very simalar. lots of good pointers which save time and possible damage. I give this video a thumbs up and would recommend it to my friends. thank you.

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