Motorcycle fuel pump points repair for honda kawasaki yamaha

Motorcycle fuel pump points repair for honda kawasaki yamaha
Japanese Motorcycle fuel pumps are prone to failure due to the points on the pump in the past you would have to replace the whole fuel pump which could run into hundreds of pounds now with our replacement points for the fuel pump and a little bit mechanical and soldering knowledge you can repair your pump for the fraction of cost available from

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  1. Didn’t see the repair kit for 1996 Honda CBR600 F3. How do I find to order it?

  2. What happens when these points burn out ? Go buy another set.
    I went some different way, and after spending 2 euros on parts, I’ve got myself a fuel pump that will keep working for years to come. Already has about 2 years and 20k km, and still no issue. I’ve done the same thing on 3 other fuel pumps, on different bikes, and it just works.

  3. I need a replacement kit for my 02 kawai zx9r … where can I get one in the states – is there a part # i can cross reference here in the states ? Lil help

  4. Were you able to find one ? I am unable to find any part number … very frustrating!!

  5. Hi Zasly
    Can you share how to change only the points or what you use to replace them or what is the trick actually ?
    I’ll be more than glad if you share some info around that.
    Thanks !

  6. I repaired the points. I have not changed them. To keep the points safe, and working I used a transistor, a diode and a couple of resistors. If you want the schematic, just tell me your e-mail address, and I’ll send it to you. What I can tell you for sure is that it works. And perfect, so far.
    PS. The schematic is not mine. I found it on the net. Credits go to the one that came up with it. When I remember the guys name, I’ll mention it here. Or the link to his page. I only have a printed paper.

  7. HI, if you still have the schematics. Can you send them to me? will send my email privately

  8. Omar, send your email address to
    If it suits you better, I’ll try and upload the whole thing to an online sharing site and send you the url.
    Let me know what is ok with you.

  9. Hey, I was evesdropping on your conversation with omar. Tell me how you repaired the points? I could figure out the rest.

  10. Venik88, I repaired the contacts and then added a couple of electronic parts to help the contacts do their job better and on the long run. It’s been a while since I gave the pump a thought. The only way for the pump to pack up on me is when the membrane itself packs up.

  11. my AT feul pump problem ,,i think switch point ,,,can i get the new one switch point?

  12. What u don’t see in the video is there is a cut away on the plunger on the rod coming out of pump, the part of the points that has the spring on lower side hooks into that lip other wise plunger will only go up and not run be sure to check how it is when u take it off right side is set left side adjust just a little bit

  13. Hey man great video! When to replace?? points were burnt out? Pins Totally gone? Really short in length? Looked cracked and burnt? I have a similar problem my bike cuts out at highway speeds usually after 4th gear even in lower gears it’s dies than have to restart, starts up just fine but 2min later it’ll act choppy and due again. I took the fuel pump out and checked under the cap and see that the “points” looked crack, burnt looking. Also the points move fine up and down. I have a zx6r 00 j1

  14. Thanks for the video. My son has a 535cc V-twin Yamaha (1998) with that same fuel pump.

    Can you answer a question for me? The dust cap covering the points also has a fitting for a rubber hose (vent? vacuum?) and I don’t know what it’s for. WHAT is that for?

    Thanks for any help.

  15. Would be a good idea to do a quick resistance test, as per the owners manual, before fitting it. Only takes a few secs.

  16. Hello good tutorial, question, its that works on yamaha r6 2002?, thanks for your answer!!!

  17. please anybody can tell me, this method works on yamaha r6, 2002?

  18. What are the symptoms of fuel pump going bad? Mine, on 97 ZX6R when cold pulses at a a rate of about 60 pulses per minute, but when it’s really hot and in city traffic it starts pulsing like crazy as if it was pumping air (not able to hold pressure?) and the bike occasionally misfires at idle – no issues higher in the revs though. Thanks for advice!

  19. Not being funny but the pump is 50p more expensive than a repair kit which requires me to do work , and it comes with a 2 year warranty and yet you don’t sell the pump for my bike on your site only this kit, lost a sale to ebay on that one sorry.

  20. same problem with my pump does any one know the correct lph on a fuel pump for a 00 cbr f 600. most on ebay are either 35, 40 and 80 lph .could putting on the wrong pump fuck my bike up down the line??????

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