Motorcycle fairing review from china

Motorcycle fairing review from china
This video is to inform you and help on what to expect from compression molded fairing kit from china.
Kit purchased was for a 2002 Ninja ZX9r

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  1. I layed mine down yesterday will be buying these fairings slapping them on and sellin the bike ASAP

  2. So as a last resort i took my cracked fairings to a auto collision repair place where my buddie works he repaired all the cracks and is painti,g them later this week when the kawi paint comes in mail charging me 450 USD #winning looking into some cages because the frame sliders i had broke off when I dropped it they did no go good at all

  3. All these generic fairing parts are cheap for a reason. Cheap in every respect. Why would you bother. Either fix the original parts or buy genuine parts that look and fit better and will last longer.
    Those cheap parts will crack with age and the paint will fade. China crap at it’s best !
    China also sell brake disc replacements.. Buyer beware !! If you value your life don’t buy these rubbish items.

  4. Total reject parts man. China are not concerned with Quality or fitment quality. All they want  is numbers. Pump them out and the vendor retires a squillionaire.
    Poor sods who pay for his/her lifestyle.
    Fucking no soul man.
    Send it back immediately

  5. You are doing no justice to your F model there trying to patch it up with that rubbish.
    The decals are wrong too.

  6. what is the real complaint here, what is so trashy about them you must also factor in  the price.

  7. as long it fit and wont comes off in the midde of a ride its all good. even if you go down you wont get all butt hurt compare damage your OEM fairings. im planning to get aftermarket set.

  8. My F model ZX9R came with a set of chinese fairings cause the previous owner crashed it twice, once on each side lol. The paint finish is bad but from a distance it looks alright so doesn’t bother me.

  9. So I’m looking for new 2001 zx9r fairings but the only ones I see available for under $500 are compression molds. If anyone could help me find injection mold fairings for an 01 zx9r preferable below $400 I would greatly appreciate it.

  10. This is a very interesting video, I’ve seen those fairing kits on EBAY too. Nice to see a kit being unboxed.

    Colours look vibrant though, plus as you say, nice match from a distance, would be interesting to hear if the China fairing stays together after a year or two on the bike!?

    I thought about getting one of those Kits just to get it sprayed a completely different colour, such as gloss Black or something different.

    Lovely bike too!! Mine was a G1 so a few years older but is now smashed (beyond repair), after my recent accident! 🙁

  11. Chinese make junk and its never perfect ever , get the real shit and don’t be a cheap fuck , you get what you pay for

  12. I bought a set from China they look okay but are extremely brittle. If you work on your bike and take it apart now and again the mounting tabs break off. I ended up laying fiberglass in along the inside edges about two inches in and overlapped about one inch staying below where the fairings mount together reshaped and drilled new mounting tabs.They are much sturdier and should never break again. Needed items: automotive fiberglass repair kit, angle grinder, drill, something to sand with I used a multi tool and spray paint to repaint the inside of the fairings when you’re done.Good luck.

  13. The nose fairing was a absolute nightmare to get to fit properly with the ram air duct I had to redrill holes get a grommet kit and the other stuff I described but it looks good and fits well now.

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