Motorcycle Crash on the freeway, Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R, Sexy Bikini Bike Wash, Etc…

Motorcycle Crash on the freeway, Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R, Sexy Bikini Bike Wash, Etc…
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Kawi NINJA 250R crashed on the canyon

A Rider crashed on the race track, sexy girls, etc….

A rookie rider over shoots not once but twice.

Yamaha R1 crashed on the canyon.

A car flipped over on the canyon.

Target fixation sucks! Moto Crash! (Short version)

I crashed my YAMAHA R1

Crash on the race track (Long Version)

Crash on the Race Track (Short version)


Target fixation! Ouch!!

The risk when riding a motorcycle

Moto Naked Bike CRASH

A rider crashed because his bike’s tires slid
My YAMAHA R1, after the CRASH

Honda CBR Crash

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28 thoughts on “Motorcycle Crash on the freeway, Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R, Sexy Bikini Bike Wash, Etc…

  1. Dude.. Your wife is just totally cool with this sorta stuff? I mean at least have your kid inside lol

  2. Mark hey help, i’m buying a used bike from a seond hand seller,what am i going to receive after i meet him? a bike,a key and some papper of title? is there anything else?

  3. Hey man i hope your not being a duece bag with the question “Gixxer + A rider in Tshirt + Mohawk = ??? what is the answer ? πŸ™‚ ” because i seen how u ride with no helmet and just a plain Tshirt that look like a can of Monster energy drink that just threw up on you , cuz if you trying to clown on him , ur just a hypocrite . Youre no better than he is , u dont even know him . WE ALL RIDE ON 2 Wheels , One Love Bro !

  4. not trying to clown anyone. i left no comment did i? oh by the way, i wear no mohawks. not trying to tell something about mohawks. just saying. oh i also don’t ride a gixxer. i ride a ducati my friend. just saying. oh about the monster stuff? there is a reason why i wear monster gear on some of my videos. a reason that only a youtube partner only understand. it’s all about endorsement buddy. i won’t wear monster gear if i don’t get something out of it. not trying to be cocky. just saying. thanks

  5. anyhow, yes respect for everyone on 2 wheels my friend. i don’t even know what’s the meaning of squid. a rider in t-shirt and riding a sportbike, is he/she a squid? have no idea… respect for everyone… thanks!!

  6. It’s so artistic the way you filmed in black and white, did you learn that at grad school?

  7. Oh! man. She drive’s me crazy man, Soooooo nice . And I have to wash my bike by myself. what a f…… Nice shy girl. Could she wash my bike some day?

  8. A pinoy guy teaching a white woman in a bikini how to be sexy? Ok, I’ve officially reached the end of the Internet.

  9. “I liked to play with the engine”
    You can play with my engine if you like.

  10. Another fine a** babe courtesy of Mark! It was hard to focus on the bike, I couldn’tΒ stop looking at her!!

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