Motorcycle Crash Kawasaki ninja zx6r

Motorcycle Crash Kawasaki ninja zx6r
My buddy locked up his front wheel and the bike gave under him. I almost ran him over.

21 thoughts on “Motorcycle Crash Kawasaki ninja zx6r

  1. my bike did the same thing only i wasn’t going down the highway thank god he was alright

  2. grabbed to much front brake to fast, load the front tyre first then brake harder

  3. I did this 5 days ago, at around 45mph and was hit by another car. Spent the few days in critical care. Hope your feeling better?

  4. If the bike had A.B.S. brake system that accident maybe would not had happen.So if i get another bike it’s got to have A.B.S. specially on a super bike.

  5. Hey dude, i was wondering would you mind if Moto Madness and i feature this video in our next collaboration crash compilation ? Ofcourse we will give you full credits.

  6. Seriously good stop on your part. I would have been over the bars laying next to dude.

  7. Very worrying crash.
    You should know exactly where too much brake is.
    His road position was bad.
    Road awareness (predicting the car behavior) was bad.
    You need to take lessons everyone – and have the attitude “I am always learning”.

  8. Im curious about what happen next.. r u stop recording it? Is he ok? Whats injury? Hope he’s okay..

  9. if you had chinese levers.That is reason.Brake lines got high preassure and hole for pin in chinese shorty levers is to small and than front will is blocked.Same happend to me,but i was going 10 km/got lucky

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