Motorcycle Air Filter Change and Spark Plug Change

Motorcycle Air Filter Change and Spark Plug Change
This is the final video For our Motorcycle service. Air Filter Chnage and Spark Plug Change. I hope this helps and if anyone would like more How to vids please comment below.

13 thoughts on “Motorcycle Air Filter Change and Spark Plug Change

  1. Although you demonstrated removing one spark plug, you removed the easiest plug to replace. I have a Yamaha FZ1 and I’ve been having trouble replacing the spark plugs because the openings are under the frame and VERY hard to reach. How can I replace those spark plugs? Any tips?

  2. Hi Guys, Thank you for your video! Will you record a video where you replace the brakepads on a Z750? Thank you in advance!

  3. I would love to but unfortunately the Z750 is bent like a curly wurly so it won’t be possible, but thanks for watching.

  4. Just did this today on my Z750 (incl. oil change). I must say those spark plugs are INCREDIBLY inaccessible! What a mission.

  5. Battled with this for hours and the answer is: loosten the 10mm bolt holding the coolant cap and it gives you some wiggle room. The rest is wiggling cables and swearing. You need a good long extension on your socket and a swinging joint to get the angle.

  6. save yourself the hassle and pay a mechanic to do the plugs for you, plugs 2 and 3 are a pain in the tits to get to, the coolant system is in the way of access, I did mine today and it is possible to do but, Christ on a bike if I had known how shitty it was I would have paid somebody.

  7. What year Z750? I have the Z1000 03 coming from a KTM road trail this is a hell of a task. Off to my mechanic she goes.. body armour lol

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