Motorcycle Accident Kawasaki Ninja 650r

Motorcycle Accident Kawasaki Ninja 650r
My friend pulled into a gravel parking lot too fast and his bike slid out from under him! Thanks for watching guys!
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21 thoughts on “Motorcycle Accident Kawasaki Ninja 650r

  1. don’t use the front brake first you use the rear then follow up with the front

  2. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but to take that to a body shop and have it legitmly fixed, probably more than the bikes worth. See in most cases on bikes they don’t really repair body panels they just replace them. So on that you would be looking at the front fairing, front right body panel, rear body panel, and what ever cover on the engine that is, and the mirror. For just the parts with out the paint you would be easily talking like $2-3k, add in paint and labor to replace and your looking at like $4-5k at least. Your best, do like your friend said spray paint it. Two ways, one would be get the color code of the bike, then see if you can find said color in a spray can, or regular can and know someone with a spray gun. Two and probably option, pick a color like in a spray can, sand the whole bike down, and change it to that color. 🙂

  3. I have a KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R parked in the garage I only had ridden a 50cc scooter in my whole life, but I got a great deal on this bike from a neighbor who moved to Europe, I know if I ride it even at very low speed I would 100% crash it like this kid and maybe break a leg or something, big powerful bikes with no skills is an accident waiting to happen, that’s why I am selling it, you should do the same, start with something smaller and lighter!

  4. had the exact same reaction when i high-sided from locking up my breaks when a deer jumped in front of me on the highway. actually completely destroyed my right rear set..

    turned out to just repainting the thing instead of spending the $600 to repair it, modding the crap out of it, etc. in all honesty i think it was all for the better.

  5. why is he acting like a fucking girl. he fucked up, deal with it. atleast the bike still runs

  6. If you slow down too much on the road, you risked being hit from behind. He did not turn in too fast. He simply applied brakes improperly and on gravel.

  7. Seems he was fixated on fiddling with his headphones or whatever that was?
    Concentration lapsed. Seems it could have been a recoverable situation, but he freaked out and jumped off.

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