Launch Alert: Kawasaki ER 6n & Z250 : PowerDrift

Launch Alert: Kawasaki ER 6n & Z250 : PowerDrift
Launch Alert l Kawasaki ER-6n & Z250 l PowerDrift

Kawasaki sets our hearts pumping once again with the launch of the much anticipated ER-6n & the sharp looking Z250.

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39 thoughts on “Launch Alert: Kawasaki ER 6n & Z250 : PowerDrift

  1. +powerdriftofficial  which bike is coming before the end of this year? is it Ninja 650?

  2. ULTIMATE Streetfighter look on the 6n? BAHAHAHAHAHAH
    That face is so darn UGLY!

    But the Z250 looks nice – like a watered down Z800 & that is not a bad thing.

  3. #FFS @Kawasaki How could you skip the ABS once again !!! ER6N could have been THE bike !

  4. Hello PD
    I’ve been waiting Since Six Months for New CBR250r/300 or Yamaha R25/R3,
    Now Can’t wait More
    I’ve got news That Neither of Yamaha’s Coming to India ?
    Should I go for Ninja 300 Instead ?
    Can You Please Make a Video On Upcoming 250+ Bikes in India with Aprox Launch Date ?
    What About Benelli ??
    I Love You Guys
    Keep it Up ???? !!

  5. Thanks PD
    I Appreciate Your Quick Reverts
    Will Wait… as Suggested By you Guys,
    Keep Up The Good Work Guys !!
    Best Wishes ?

  6. PD surely came up with quite an interesting and informative video , even with the bikes stationary. Although KTM and hamara Bajaj have done a great job especially with the pricing, at the same time I feel the Japs are unfortunately losing their share of the Indian entry level market even when they come with parallel twins. Yamaha is going to have a tough time managing the pricing of the R 25 and even tougher if it decides to bring the R3 to the party .With KTM around one will either have to be person yearning of owning an engine configuration other than a single cylinder or someone who simply wants to stand out to throw away the VFM factor and go for anything other than a KTM .

  7. Ninja’s are always awesome.. !! 
    They make sure you will have to earn a Ninja.. (Z250 at 3 lakhs :O :O :O ) 

  8. Glad to see that Kawasaki is taking steps to improve their market here in India. Yamaha and Honda, please keep us waiting :-/

  9. I think the price of Z250 is not that much competitive.Also the introductory price of Er 6n could have been a bit more better.
    Are they going to launch zx6r anytime soon?

  10. 2.99 lakhs ex showroom for the Z250 means about 3,30,000 on road… and for a 32bhp bike that is pretty costly, Yes it is a double cylinder bike but still. Also the amazing pricing of the Duke390 and the RC390 which is also about 10+ horses premium over this kawi would further play a huge spoil sport for the Z250 in India.

  11. awesome video u guys r rocking again…. ER-6n…m nw hero…is it available in green ?

  12. Big Fan PD!… can’t get enough. now this is how Launch alerts are meant to be! big Magazines learn something from here..

    PD; keep rocking

  13. new DEVIL is coming !!! the Z250 is is the reliable and fits in budget bike and the Kawasaki ER-6n is most upcoming bike for new riders !! thank PD to give the updates 🙂

  14. looking forward to the z250…
    its just what i wanted….a mixture of naked and sports. 🙂

  15. ER-6n Check out this Bike – This bike will make Hero Hastur feel like dust on its wheels and its almost same price

  16. Kawasaki was one of the first few brands to enter India with collaboration, it’s tie-up with Bajaj gave India some pretty decent bikes…. I have some emotional attachment to Kawasaki, as I used to ride my Late Uncle’s KB100 (2 stroke, 100 cc, one of the powerful Indian machines of that era, which didn’t saw much takers)… I always dream of having a Kawasaki in my parking lot, and this “Return of Kawasaki” (still tied-up, but with independent stand) makes me feel better…. It would make us feel even more better by localizing parts and making it more affordable…. Kawasaki is the brand which is still heads turner in India as it is seen less on streets due to higher price tag, & ultimately, few buyers… Hope Kawasaki listens this and make it more affordable…. Hail Kawasaki!!!

  17. @ PowerDrift, At the last, he said we have 2 new models at the end of 2015. What could it be?
    a) Ninja 650 next gen – waiting
    b) ZX-6R – dreaming

    🙂 🙂

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