KTM & Kawasaki Line Up | First Look | PowerDrift

KTM & Kawasaki Line Up | First Look | PowerDrift
Today we bring to you all the action from the KTM and Kawasaki stall at EICMA 2015. KTM showcased the Super Duke GT 1290 and the 2016 Duke 690. KTM has made it clear that the Super Duke GT 1290 won’t make it to India. Kawasaki on the other hand, unveiled the 2016 Vulcan-S and the 2016 ZX-10R which will make its way to India soon.

Drop in your comments below and let us know which one excites you the most.

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11 thoughts on “KTM & Kawasaki Line Up | First Look | PowerDrift

  1. Dear Bajaj we love you for your enthusiasm over the ‘Indian riders’. Me and my brother both own a 390 each. I’m ready to upgrade, PLEASE launch 690r.

  2. Me too waiting for Duke 690. I think it will become the best mid size bike when it is available in Indian market.
    so plzzzz KTM make it fast….

  3. i am a 390 owner for the past 3 yrs !!! i hope people can handle 690 in our roads !!!

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