Kawasaki ZX14R vs Suzuki Hayabusa

Kawasaki ZX14R vs Suzuki Hayabusa
Check out this drag race between the Two biggest baddest bikes on the street. The Kawasaki ZX14R and the Suzuki Hayabusa.

Import Face Off is a national event held at many drag strips across the United States. The footage from this particular YouTube Video was filmed at National Trail Raceway.
Import Face Off is an import drag racing show that originated a few years ago, and has been getting bigger ever since. Not all the cars are imported, some are domestic, and are not turned away at the gate. The event is designed for a younger drag racing crowd, or those that keep up with some of the latest automotive trends.

National Trail Raceway is a quarter-mile dragstrip located between Hebron and Kirkersville, Ohio, USA, off of U.S. Route 40. The race track is located about 30 minutes east of Columbus, Ohio. It is known to local residents as ‘National Trails’.

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25 thoughts on “Kawasaki ZX14R vs Suzuki Hayabusa

  1. +Ihab Kalache You do realize the guy on the left didn’t red light right? Which means he had a better reaction. No cheating, just better rider.

  2. I hate seeing people ride with their feet hanging down. IDK why, it just really irks me. I was taught differently.

  3. Were can I find more info of that zx14? I have friends saying that zx14 are slow and busas are the fastest out there… This might change their opinion lol

  4. I’m a Suzuki kind of guy. But man that zx14’s launch….I was like ???? When he took off. ?

  5. My second ever drag run on my standard ZX14r was 10.18secs.
    With only a couple of years riding under my belt they are naturally made for stop to go situations.
    Unlike marriage you love them the more you ride them

  6. I like how so many people are concerned with speed and completely forget about acceleration.

  7. Everything about that is so bad ass!!! I ride a zx-14r, I’m still breaking in the motor. One day I want to run it at the track. God damn, that is so cool. Great riding fellas

  8. If you watch the christmas tree the Hayabusa took off before the light turned green.

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