Kawasaki Z900RS Teaser

Kawasaki Z900RS Teaser
Kawasaki set to unveil evocative modern classic with “True Spirit” at Tokyo Motorshow on October 25th.

6 thoughts on “Kawasaki Z900RS Teaser

  1. Make a supermoto (like aprilia dorsoduro 900) with the upcoming new ninja 400 engine please! I’d buy day 1.

  2. Kawasaki, please, no… Just don’t. You’ve been the last brand that kept to true Japanese spirit. Z900 is amazing, ZX-10R is amazing, H2 is mind-blowing. These are Japanese bikes: powerful, technological advanced yet affordable. But damn, you wouldn’t rise you game putting some hipster beard to the once nice bike. I’m crying inside… It’s to much for me… Let it be over, please… 😉

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