Kawasaki Z650 Bike World Review

Kawasaki Z650 Bike World Review
We thought it was about time we checked out the ER-6N replacement, the Z650.

23 thoughts on “Kawasaki Z650 Bike World Review

  1. Good looking coffee table ?. Like the combo of minimalist frame with banana swingarm and underslung pipe on multi-spoke wheels ?

  2. I just realized when I become fantastically rich making money come out of my computer, I’m going to buy a 1299 Superleggera as a coffee table.

  3. I’d like one of these, this amount of power is plenty enough for the streets, weird they ditched the unique white and green after only one year though.

  4. Big boys club. lol. When I was looking to buy my first bike, I was told to get something over 600cc. I listened to that advice and never looked back.

  5. I wish they made it into a triple so it can sound decently at the very least. He made a good point in that it lost a few horses on this iteration but also lost weight. My problem is that they also made the fuel tank smaller. So now you have to fuel up quicker/more often. Like I said, I wish they’d made it a triple and add more power and kept the same size tank as before.

  6. I really hate all this Z-models. Pillion comport is horrible………..

    That used to be different in the past.

  7. Are all bikes made for short riders nowadays? Seems like an SM or an adventure bike are the only tall options.

  8. Looks like some kind of wasp-based Transformer, like most modern bikes seemingly. Considering the beauty of the original Z650, it seems a bit wrong to share the same name. I remember when all this were fields etc……

  9. I like the heavier, more pedestrian, garden variety look previous Generation better. This one got too much “Transformers” styling to it.
    Here’s something that bugs me about these OEMs and their sometimes sensible decisions.
    They bothered themselves with slapping on it some swanky super sport looking aluminium swing arm to later slap what looks like some $0.50 hardware store chain adjusters on it and make it look like some CHINESE outsourced piece of junk.
    This kind of strategy may seem acceptable in a 125cc motorcycle sold in Indonesia or India but not on a 650cc bike sold in first world markets.
    Way to go, Kawasaki ! Keep cutting corners, one day it’ll buy in the Azz !

  10. As someone who has owned the Z650 since January, most of the points you made are the same as what I have. Especially the part about chucking the tires for something better. As a shorter rider, the Z650 fit me better than any other naked sports on the market. As I also ride an R6, the more upright position for longer rides is indeed welcome. I have fully customized this bike from a Yoshimura Alpha exhaust, to a Rapid Bike ECU, tuned by Superbike Unlimited and dyno’d each step to show gains and improvements. I also have Vortex sprockets and chain ready to go on to edge up the acceleration a bit more. I ride mostly curvy mountain roads, so top speed isn’t what I’m after. Again, that’s what the R6 is for ;). For anyone looking at a great all around fun bike that’s nimble, you won’t be disappointed. You can also check my channel and site for full details and specs of everything that has been done and what’s to come on this bike.

  11. I love the frame and the colour of it…..looks mint….and rides well as i tested the 2017 model and was surprised…..

  12. W’hey great to see the pro’s in my neck of the woods! Nice review…wonder if I knock on the door of those folk in Bourne End they’d let me borrow one??

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