Kawasaki Z1000 : Review : PowerDrift

Kawasaki Z1000 : Review : PowerDrift
The 2014 Kawasaki Z1000 takes a different route to litre class naked motorcycles. It does not attempt to strip down its race spec faired sibling, instead it packages a raw, wild, yet friendly machine, i.e. if you have a thing with motorcycles.

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25 thoughts on “Kawasaki Z1000 : Review : PowerDrift

  1. I need some explanation here at 4:02 – 4:18
    I mean, a burnout to switch ABS off? Idk… is it strange that I don’t know?

  2. you guys are amazing I love to watch your videos,I love when sagar pushes away others from the screen and sagar I always wonder what bike you own??..
    get going✌✌

  3. By far the most elaborate and entertaining motorcycle review and reviewer I have ever seen. Great job guys keep it up!

  4. this bike is not much practical in India.. I mean all bikes of 1000cc or above.

  5. well.. i was going for this bike before i got on my pc today. but after watching this video i think i have to run down to the local kawasaki dealer and just go balls deep with my wallet ASAP. god this video was pure art, as is the bike.
    this video, and the slick design and joy of the kawasaki z1000r is the reason i love motorcycles as much as i do.
    – 20 year old rider.

  6. Aaah the Z1000 always been the number one naked bike on the market for it’s value!!!

  7. wow ,i really like the effort behind every one of your videos,its simply thrilling intense ,engaging.

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