Kawasaki Versys Dual Sport Motorcycle Ride around Rio Verde Arizona

Kawasaki Versys Dual Sport Motorcycle Ride around Rio Verde Arizona
On road and off road motorcycle ride around Rio Verde area in Arizona. Suzuki DR650, Kawasaki KLR650, Kawasaki Versys 2008.

27 thoughts on “Kawasaki Versys Dual Sport Motorcycle Ride around Rio Verde Arizona

  1. yea when he dumps it you can see it coming we all have been there before. thats what makes these bikes as much fun as they are.they can take a spill pick em up and go again. great vid looked like fun.

  2. I guess you have to learn to ride “off road” on something. My god! Too slow and too many spills for me. Open’er up and have some fun. What happened at 7.25 on the rock hill? He just laid it down! Get some RPM and climb that puppy up the hill. That’s what you call a slow motion video.

  3. Hey its all part of the adventure, like i had never laid a bike on its side. You hate to,but it happens.

  4. I had 2 rear Shinko 705 tires (Shinko doesn’t make front tire on Versys size). Shinkos are good but now my Versys has a MEFO on the front and a Heidenau in the rear.

  5. Тьфу бля, смотреть противно, хренли перед каждой лужицой так ссацца то

  6. whew this was almost painful to watch, sorta like watching paint dry. you guys all need to learn how to twist the throttle. but hey, im sure you fella’s had a great time though.

  7. Sooo painful to watch. I don’t even understand what’s happening, it’s that bad.

  8. Guy on Suzuki @ 2.00m he put his foot down. Keep legs on pegs all time, stand up, accelerate faster thru it. Wouldn’t have fallen off and get to other side far faster and a lot safer too. Also taken off hand on clutch, keep it closed all the time.

  9. Well this is much better off road performance than I had expected to see from the Versys!  I thought is was just a road bike that looks a bit like an adventure bike.  Good to see you keeping on the tails of those proper dulesports

  10. Wow! You guys must have all been noobs to trail riding. Stay on the pegs, and use some throttle. Kinda hard to watch. Especially, the guys on dual sports. They were terrible. Hope you’ve all improved and look back and laugh at yourselves.

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