Kawasaki Versys 650: Road Test Review

Kawasaki Versys 650: Road Test Review
The third offering based on the lovely Ninja 650 comes in the form of an adventure-sport, the Versys 650. Is just another variant that commands more money with its better equipment, or does it offer better value than the ER6-n and Ninja? More importantly, where does it stand in the middleweight offerings in India? Watch the video to find out.

19 thoughts on “Kawasaki Versys 650: Road Test Review

  1. Shumi,
    This review reminds me so much of the Ninja 650 video you did a few years back. I still gave that video saved offline. When you like a bike, it definitely shows. Time for another video to be added to my archives 😉 Good Job !

  2. Perfect. This is exactly what I am looking for. I hate the way it looks, thought. I am wondering if converting this to a Suprrmoto would be possible. I would love tl do away with the fairing and replace the alloys with spoked wheels and an upsized 19inch wheels at the front. That would make it a go anywhere superbike which is just perfect for this country.

  3. Very detailed & precise review Shumi 🙂 Does the versys come with a centre stand?? It would be a boon to keep the chain lubricated on long rides & in rainy season.

  4. you guys better start test riding on real Maharashtra roads instead of finding a small strip of good road .

  5. I love this reviewer! Very well spoken, knows his stuff and has a passion for motorcycles! Well done!

  6. Good review. I rode the same bike on a tour of the state of Vermont (in the USA) for RoadRUNNER Magazine. It did everything I asked of it with enthusiasm, from long stretches on the highway to muddy dirt mountain passes. If I could only have one bike, this would be a strong contender. Well done!

  7. I love reviews from India, these guys actually ride and tell it like it is, great job on this review!

  8. Loved the review mate .. Just one doubt. You say that the versys actually does 6500 rpm at 120 kph in 6th ? I have a Ninja 650 and it does a speedo indicated 120 kph around 5300 rpm .. why even my old RD 350 would hit 120 at 6000 rpm. To be honest, I havent checked true speeds with a GPS but it cant be that far off ! at 6500 rpm in 6th my N650 does a speedo indicated 150 kph and I cant believe that it has a speedo error of 30 kph ?

  9. It’s amazing, both of the in-depth reviews I’ve seen of this bike are from Indian shows. Is it a very popular bike there?

  10. I owned an early model of the kawasaki versys and although it was a great bike the 650 was under powered especially when carrying a pillion.

    I love kawasaki but their 1000 versys just does not tick the right boxes for me and I converted to triumph now

  11. How about just reducing the number of teeth on the rear sprocket.. that will give the desired taller gear effect.. yes it do to all gears but no one is going to use this for drag race

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