Kawasaki – Twist the Throttle

Kawasaki – Twist the Throttle
Aggressive – Emotional and then Sexy!
Kawa Sutra…

13 thoughts on “Kawasaki – Twist the Throttle

  1. What they fail to disclose is that the “H-1/2” Mach III was an evil-handling deathtrap. In a straight line, there was almost nothing on the planet that would beat one, but the frame was so spindly, that if you bent it into a corner going any faster than maybe. 35 mph, the frame would flex so much that the chain would spit off, unsettling the chassis and sending the rider flying.

  2. how are you going to talk about the Ninja kawasakis…but you don’t even bring up the king of the track from 96-02 zx7-RR

  3. This is incredible footage!
    I believe not how u only have (now) 20 subscribers?
    Thanks for the upload I’m a Kawasaki fan boy and thoroughly enjoyed this!

  4. i know right WHERE ARE THE ZX7 R I felt left out and even my zx7 98 felt like a bastard tisl tisk

  5. So awesome seeing my bike being built in a documentary! Sorry zx7 guys.. you didn’t get your 15 minutes lol

  6. Trivia! Which Jap Motorcycle company came out with the first twin over head cam engine, and what year?

  7. Now I notice why Kawasaki motor are more cheaper than the other super bike. They have a massive factory and extremely good partnership.

  8. And to think those ‘custom bike builders’ with their eye-balling technique (Looks close enough, it’s good enough for me, gosh darnit!!) welding their tubular bars that you can buy at Home Depot…….. and then think their hunk of junk is worth 100K. What a joke those chopper builders are.

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