Kawasaki Plant Tour

Kawasaki Plant Tour
An HD Video Tour of the Lincoln, NE Plant on its 40th Birthday

12 thoughts on “Kawasaki Plant Tour

  1. Yippee production of quality stuff. Beats the bankrolling paper shufflers any day.

  2. If my 14 brute force 750 was made here why does the vin# start with a JK .. J=Japan and k=Kawasaki … Vin#’s for american assembled or made products like cars or say Yamaha grizzlys should and do start with a number not a “j” for the first digit. Or was my brute made in Japan?

  3. hard working.people and durable products now I understand why I’m paying for this quality.I don’t mind any more

  4. I love working there, well, RailCar anyway, best money I made in my life. Haven’t worked in The CP building where they build ATVs, but it’s worth the demanding hours regardless.

  5. Wish you’d shown us a bit more of the famous bikes in the museum, i.e. Especially The big Z’s Z900’s, Z1000’s etc

  6. Kawasaki is make of OHV overhead valve engine after motorcycles/all terrain cycles/all terrain vehicle in japan and china make of OHV company factory ……………

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