Kawasaki Ninja zx6r 636 – M4GP Exhaust Sound

Kawasaki Ninja zx6r 636 – M4GP Exhaust Sound

A quick comparison of sound between the standard system and the M4GP.

35 thoughts on “Kawasaki Ninja zx6r 636 – M4GP Exhaust Sound

  1. +OhPhilly Hey nice bike. what’s the one behind that looks much smaller or lower in height?

  2. on the freeway no matter how loud your exhaust is no one can hear you over the sound of stereo

  3. At first I was like get get on the correct side of the road, then I was like oops I’m American.

  4. What’s up with that girl, she looks scared to be on camera. Are you perhaps an axe murderer?

  5. That’s really awesome enjoy your Ninja mate, waiting for my bonus so I can get the brand new 636 ?

  6. Great video and review! But I just want to put this out their for any new 2013 and up 636 owners. If you are experiencing the riding death stall when you grab the clutch or the hard starts. Then you have a faulty ecu! Kawasaki hasn’t set any recalls and they don’t acknowledge the problem! Please report the situation with nhtsa.gov for this is a big safety issue! They can push Kawasaki forward onto a recall on all faulty ecu! Other then that happy riding!

  7. Take it out of the garage and quit lying to yourself. It’s not that loud outdoors.

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