Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R vs BMW S1000RR Side By Side Comparison Kodak Zi8 Video Test Motorcycle VLOG

Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R vs BMW S1000RR Side By Side Comparison Kodak Zi8 Video Test Motorcycle VLOG
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Side by side comparison of 2011 kawasaki ninja zx10r and bmw s1000rr. which one u like better? litter bike rivals. i hope u like this video. hope u have a good day.

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27 thoughts on “Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R vs BMW S1000RR Side By Side Comparison Kodak Zi8 Video Test Motorcycle VLOG

  1. What a stupid video.. If I wanted to compare the two bikes by their looks I would buy a magazine.. POINTLESS….. Thought they were going to race the two bikes…

  2. The ninja is better for the money because in price difference you could add things that would make it outperform the bmw. However stock for stock BMW is the better bike but honestly BOTH of them are the fastest of the 1000cc’s hands down. your stupid and naive if you think otherwise especially from a guys who’s owned an r1 and 1198

  3. Germany does not rule. Britain and it’s allies made sure of that back in 1945. Both bikes an excellent feat of engineering. But for looks its the kawasaki. The front end of the BMW is awful with its lazy eye. And let’s not forget BMW based their machine on a GSXR1000…. using tracing paper by the looks of things.

  4. i do own 2010 r1 and 2012 zx10r . zx10r is better handling but some how i feel like r 1 is more faster and very scary to ride . but love them both there are the best ..

  5. The BMW guy designing the fairing died halfway through it, and with production deadline approaching fast, the new guy had no time to do a proper job, thats why there are odd headlights.

  6. Its funny how people on here say “this is the best” or “that’s the best” when clearly they have no idea what they’re on about, own either of the bikes in question or actually even own a motorcycle.

  7. I ride Kawasaki bikes more then 20 years never had problems, and I dont give a shit about the German quality, Japanese quality is equal.

  8. If you own this bike or that bike, then that’s the best bike. You will defend it till you die. If you switch brands, then that bike is better. No one is going to get on here and admit they blew $14k+ on something that sucks. It’s whichever bike you are more comfortable on! Unless you are on the track alot, then you can’t say which bike is better. If I had a BMW dealership around me, then I’d get the BMW, but I’m a Sales Manager at a Yamaha/Kawasaki/Honda dealership, so I get bikes at cost. Now when it comes to how much money was spent on the bike (manufacturer, not consumer,) the Kawasaki has the most features when it comes to the ZX-6r. ABS (option), Traction Control, Power Mode Selector. Now the BMW comes with ABS standard. I’m a Yamaha fan, but no ABS available (R6 & R1). With the 600cc class… The R6 is the best looking in my opinion (especially with the flat matte grey) and the most affordable. The CBR600RR is down on power. The 636 has TC that the other Big 2 don’t have. Step up to the literbikes, the R1 is down on power, the CBR is balanced and the Kawasaki is in the middle, but still has great features. However, none of this means crap if you aren’t able to push the bikes to it’s limit a full 100%, which most of riders, will never do, nor have the capability. Go with what’s comfortable. I’m free for questions if anyone needs help, but it’s ultimately how it feels to YOU

  9. I have a Kawa, but if I had to pick one I would go for the BMW, its better looking and on performance too (on paper, I never rode these 2 bikes).

  10. I own a zx6r 2010 green/black, but this zx10r just looks awesome. The front lights look nice on the bmw, but when next to the zx10r they don’t look so nice then!

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