Kawasaki Ninja Zx-6rr zx6rr.


  1. Scorpion Exo-700. I like the helmet a lot, has everything I need for under $200. I also have a shoei and an hjc, but for some reason I find myslef wearing this helmet the most.

  2. Fender eliminator kit, alarm system, integrated tail lights, yoshi exhaust. I have the same bike with everything but the alarm (which I’m working on getting) and it’s amazing. Take care.

  3. I have 2006 Zx6r, Full Akrapovic Exhaust is a must, dont just buy an end can it loses mid range power ! check my dyno vids

  4. I have a 04 zx6rr and the dude below me is right a Akro Full Exhaust is a must… Um and what i just got done to mine was regearing it i have a 47 on the back with a 530 chain conv… And you dont need a Fender eliminator kit just take off your frount seat and under the battery there will be a place to drill 2 holes to put your plate thats what i did to mine… I will be putting a video of my bike up in the next couple of days go check it out…

  5. ooooooh, green. You are very lucky man, ninja is my biggest dream, really 😀

  6. akrapovic or 2 brothers exhaust. not trying to bash yoshi exhaust or anything, but in my opinion it sounds a little more like a 2 stroke. also get a under tail eliminator or whatever its called. so you can get green tinted front turn signals that look sick. other than that, you have my dream bike, came year, color and everything. enjoy it!

  7. Laser exhaust (3 pipes) looks very good on these bikes. I got that on my own.
    And you could powdercoat the rims black and keep the green tape on. Tint the turnsignals and the windscreen and buy a smoked taillight with turnsignals integrated 🙂

    I’ve done those mods + the single seat cover like you have and I think it looks quite nice 🙂

  8. where did u buy it? @ what price? i want one, and my lower age is 05.. so want 2005, +…

  9. im 6foot3 wud i hav problems with this bike if it wasnt lowered im thinking about getting this

  10. hey well i have an 01 zx6r and i just lowered it. I got an upgraded exoust system and its a muzzy. it sounds great, nice and deep sound and i like that it still sounds like a bike. ur bike needs a tinted or darker frunt windshield. it will match da bike

  11. this was one of the years kawi made zx6r and zx6rr. rr is 599cc more oriented to racing (staying under 600cc to b legal in this race category). the r is 636cc and more towards the street use of the bike. both great bikes.

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