Kawasaki Ninja 650 First Ride Review

Kawasaki Ninja 650 First Ride Review
It looks like Suzy’s invite to the launch for the new Kawasaki Ninja 650 got lost in the post, so she heads to P&H Motorcycles to grab a first ride.

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  1. I love your honest comments in this review Suzy, and that you included footage of dropping it too lol. Only thing i’d say is you should’ve shown the resulting damage(if any) so perspective riders can see what might break off, ie indicators, levers, footpeg etc.
    But overall an excellent truthful review, pro’s and cons all thrown in.

  2. I’d have invited you over those ugly buggers anyday. This bike will sell like hotcakes. Great all rounder. Fix the ‘wet fart’ with a slip on, haha. 19kgs is a big weight saving, wish I could lose half of that

  3. I got one of these a few weeks ago and they are very easy to ride and un-intimidating. You must have been unlucky to drop it! The only thing I would say is that it’s not as sporty as it or its name suggests. The bars are quite upright and the riding position comfortable. The exhaust is quite pleasant really if a little quiet. The bike handles very well, although the rear shock is a bit bouncy.Entertaining video by the way!

  4. love my 650 but if you’re only getting it to learn on and eventually upgrade to buy a 600 just go ahead and get the 600. New model looks really aggressive but the power just isn’t there. Comfortable to ride and has decent low and midrange power but don’t drive like a jackass and you can learn on a 600 then when you get the hang of it you’ll be shipping it around like no one’s business and not have to go through a new learning curve when you finally get the 600, also the 650 sounds a bit like an underpowered lawn mower or “wet fart”. But this chick really dropped the bike, not sure how long she’s been riding for but if she dropped this probably safe to assume she’s dropped about every other one she’s been on.

  5. I find it hard to believe Kawasaki is only able to coax about 67 horsepower out of this 649 engine. Euro4 sure. But in race guise, they’ve been cranking around 90 hp from this exact engine in the flat-trackers and the small displacement racers for Isle of Man TT. Would it be too much to ask for Kawasaki to get a solid 75 hp and still be Euro4 compliant?

    The Ninja 650 is just getting to be such a powder puff. I think even the Ninja 500R was more aggressive in it’s day. So we have the 649 twin putting out a mushy 67 hp. Then we have the 636cc i-4 cranking out north of 120 hp. Comon’ Kawasaki!

    And of course we cannot forget the “Japanese thing” of putting the most basic *UTTER TRASH* suspension/braking components on anything that doesn’t have a 12,000 dollar sticker or isn’t called racing in it’s name. Damper rod forks? This is 2017! Didn’t they use damper rods back in 1960?

    You want accessibility, Kawasaki? Put some 400’s and 500’s on the market and leave the 650 twin as a viable option for those tired of supersports breaking their backs and straining their necks. Give us at least 75 hp in a twin.

    And make a 270° crank while your at it. Those don’t sound like wet farts.

  6. I like suzy, shes good. other youtube reviewers need to take tips from her. bike world are great

  7. 2017 model definitely looks better. Nicer swingarm. Sharper styling. Good review thanks!

  8. looks decent.. but duke 690R def superior for first bike for commuting .. 690R more premium tho.. kawasaki probably needs tons of after-market mods to be good 😀

  9. I wonder why Kawasaki don’t do a Ninja 800? The 650 is ok, but that styling is wasted on it. Throw some fairings on a Z800/900 Kawasaki!

  10. I would invite you to a lot of places Suzy ;). Matter of fact there’s a party in my pants and you’re invited!

  11. If a bloke had reviewed this bike and dropped it, that footage would have been deleted…

  12. Besides the ninja 300 soon to be 400 this is a huge selling bike, followed by the Versys and the Vulcan s.

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